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How this Pet Funeral Service Eased the Pain of Losing my Fur Baby

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Losing a pet is never easy. Last week, my little Coopper (2 Ps to represent me and my mom’s name Pilar and Patricia), passed away. Nothing can ever prepare you for the death of a beloved companion. While he might have been a little shit half of the time (eats his poo, pees everywhere), he was such a kind and beautiful soul. A small doggo with a big heart and derpy moments, that’s how I’ll remember him by. He’d listen to my rants, walk with me to the bathroom if I needed to pee, and he loved sunbathing. You really couldn’t ask for a better pupper. While there are regrets, I try my best to fill that void with gratitude instead.

When Coopsy passed, we immediately knew where to have has remained fixed. My mom saw Pet to Nature from a friend’s Facebook who had their pet’s funeral and aquamation there. Pets to Nature made this tough time easier for my family and me. Also, a special shout-out to Vets on the Block who cared for Coopper during his final days. Both offer amazing customer service, highly recommended for fellow pet lovers.

Pet to Nature arranged everything for us and the service is probably better than other funeral homes for humans. Their team fixed everything for Coopsy, from picking him up to fixing viewing to sending me updates. I really give five stars for their impeccable service. If you want to make sure your pet’s final arrangements are done respectfully and full of care, contact these people. I called them while ugly crying and they were just there to console me, the person who picked up Coops’ remains was also courteous (Kuya Rex who drove a Pet to Nature Mirage) and understanding.

We got the Standard Package from Pet to Nature which included:

  • Pick-up (24-hour service) & Drop-Off
  • The Aquamation – water-based and a more eco-friendly option than cremation.
  • A bamboo urn
  • Commemorative leather keepsake box with a clay paw print, and samples of his hair and teeth.

Perhaps the best inclusion on the package is the funeral service. You get to see your little one resting peacefully one last time. We upgraded for the photo + video, too at P500. Not going to say that it gives you complete closure, but it’s a good start. If it wasn’t for the quarantine, you can actually host a proper funeral with a eulogy here. #SADREACTSONLY 😭


Our whole package was worth P8,000, the price depends on your pet’s weight. Our baby was around 3.4KG when they weighed him, and fits the standard weight covering the standard package. I think it’s a great send-off to a companion who has loved me wholeheartedly since day 1. My Coopsy deserves the best after a life of being there for me. The Pet to Nature PH team will send you updates through the whole process, something I really appreciated. You were never left on the dark as to what was happening, they update you on the next steps and the timeframe of the process through Messenger so you don’t end up worrying. I also appreciated their professional and caring tone. These people understand how hard it is to let go fo a pet and they really offer you comfort. I was distraught when I found out about my dog’s passing and when I called Pet to Nature up, they had nothing but kind words and it didn’t feel like talking to a business, pet lovers helping out pet lovers is the way I would label the communication. 💕

Aquamation takes a couple of days to complete (they also naturally let the bones dry) so we had to wait until Wednesday to get Coopsy’s remains, he was Aquamated on Friday. Delivery is just as smooth as the pickup. Your baby will be delivered to your doorstep in a cute paper bag + the memorabilia box and your baby in an urn. You can upgrade it to a marble urn (there’s actually a whole lot more memorabilia items you can choose from, engravings, etc.) but we opted to keep it simple. We also made Mochi (our “last” dog) smell the items, in a way to help her know that her playmate was home.

Pet to Nature, Pet to Nature PH, Pet Funeral, Pet Aquamation

Coopsy is home! Included in the box: sample hair and teeth, a paw print memorabilia, and his remains in a bamboo urn.

I have no words at all for this service. It’s a breathtaking service that really helps in the process of letting go of your furbaby, who, let’s admit it, was part of your family. This whole service eases the pain a bit. Burying your pet in the backyard might be the common practice but the ease of this service is a more fitting way to send-off your furbaby. If your pet passes on to the Rainbow Bridge, make sure to contact Pet to Nature. They are simply amazing at what they do, possibly better than human funeral service. Yes, I meant that, from the bottom of my heart 😄 5 out of 5 Stars!

Pets to Nature is super responsive on Facebook, so just drop them a message there. You can also check their website Pet to Nature for more details on their packages.

*This is NOT a paid promotion, I highly believe in their service.

Pet to Nature, vets on the block, Pet Cremation, Pet Cremation Philippines, Pet Aquamation

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