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24 Life Lessons I Learned Now That I’m 24


I’m finally here! This post is long overdue but the past few weeks have been soooo busy for me. I’m celebrating my 24 years on earth (special thanks Mom and Dad and Jesus for putting me here) with a listicle because how else would I do it?

Listed down 24 important life lessons I’ve learned now that I’m 24! Check them out!

  1. Sometimes the biggest threat to feminism is fellow women who don’t want other women to surpass them.
  2. You’re buying more shit than you actually need.
  3. Not all your friends will be there for you until the very end. The real ones, however, will be.
  4. The unfollow button is the best button you can use if someone is just nega-clouding you.
  5. Some guys were born to break you but there’s one guy made to love you.
  6. No amount of money is worth too much stress
  7. People gossip, it’s everyone’s favorite past-time. It doesn’t require much brain energy, it’s fun, and it’s hella cheap.
  8. It’s okay to cut toxic people out of your life, this counts toxic family members.
  9. It’s true that the best revenge is living a fulfilling life.
  10. If you think you’re the best, you’re probably not. You can be your best-self and that’s good enough. You don’t have to be as good as them because you’re not them. Flowers don’t grow by looking at other flowers, they grow by looking at the sun.
  11. Being ignorant in this day and age is your fault. Google knows everything. Google stuff. Sign up for an online class.
  12. Books, should you have a good collection, are the portal to being a better person. Also, Annotating your books can help you read if you’re not into reading.
  13. Always say yes to something you’ve never tried. Unless it’s life threatening.
  14. From my mother: garlic, cheese, and butter makes almost every dish better.
  15. Lazy will always be ugly.
  16. You do need to indulge every now and then, you deserve it.
  17. Some friends turn into family. Some family turn into distant relatives.
  18. A plane ticket and a hostel is the best therapy for some people. And maybe some shoes (but therapy is still, always, a good idea)
  19. You have to be your own cheerleader sometimes. If you find people who cheer you on, keep them and always be grateful to have people like them in your life.
  20. Taking your dog for a walk is one of the best manifestations of love there is.
  21. Let go of abusive relationships, be it romantic, at work, or in your home. You don’t deserve no drama.
  22. The people who bullied you will eventually flaunt that they know you. Joke’s on them.
  23. Good bosses teach you who you can be. Bad bosses teach you who not to be.
  24. Traditional luxury is overrated. True luxury is as simple as being able to have enough sleep and a hearty breakfast. Taking a warm bath with a really good podcast on, that’s true luxury.

Hope this list inspires you as much as these principles inspire me everyday!



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