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What’s Inside A Freelancer’s Bag As Told by A Freelancer

A lot of people might think that a freelancer is just a bums around on Facebooks all day at home, they’re not. Thanks to the magical power of the internet, people can work from home, or from coffee shops, or co-working spaces, instead of the dreary office environment. Unlike the 9-6 office employees, freelancers need more in their bag because their office pedestal is basically their bag.

Whether you’re a part time freelancer or a bonafide full time freelancer, it’s important to keep in mind that your bag should have everything you need for your next client meet-up or simply a day of productivity. We listed the top 11 items you should have in your freelancer bag!

1. A Carry-All Bag

This is the bag you’ll be bringing around everywhere, almost everyday. Look for a bag that’s sturdy enough to brave the weather, has enough storage pockets for your essentials, and of course, match with your current wardrobe. You don’t want to look like a mess when you have meetings.

2. Bag Pouches

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These will save your life. Since your bag is now your work pedestal, it pays for it to be organized. Invest in different sized pouches and organise your items: cables and chargers in one bag, make-up in one bag, etc.

3. Your Wallet

This goes without saying. We call need this. You need to pay for those coffees! Also, identification cards are important when picking up checks or doing your errands like picking up cheques!

4. Your Laptop/Tablet


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Depending on your weapon of choice, this is a no brainer to have in your bag. It’s your bread and butter. Never forget this at home!

5. Earphones

Who wants to work with the noise of a coffee shop? Wouldn’t you rather enjoy listening to your favorite /ESCAPE jams?

6. Pencil Case

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While your work might be all digital, it’s always different when you’re jotting things down with a pen. Make sure you have a pencil case to go with it because you don’t want to scramble through your bag looking for a pen in front of a client!

7. That Notebook

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It’s not just any notebook, it’s that one special one that has all of your secrets and ideas. It’s the one that helps you come up with the best ideas ever. Always have this notebook with you. if you don’t have one yet, BUY ONE NOW. It doesn’t have to be pricey, it just has to feel right. This notebook is like your wand, and to quote J. K. Rowling, the wand chooses you.

8. A Personal Banyo Kit

You can’t always be sure that mall or bathrooms are clean. Make sure you have a pouch with an alcohol spray and wet wipes (and an extra pad for the girls!) to avoid any icky moments.

9. A Make-Up Kit

Just because you’re “work from home” doesn’t mean you have to loo like you do. You always want to be presentable in a meeting with a client. A mini kikay kit is good to have for female freelancers, bring powder, lip tint, and eyebrow liners!

10. A USB

Transferring files are an essential part of the freelance life. You can’t always rely on AirDrop (reality check: not everyone uses Apple) or Dropbox when transferring files. It pays to have a USB (or two!) in your bag!

11. Reusable Straws, Cutlery, Mugs and and Eco-bag

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If you work in coffee shops, try your best to say no to the convenience of single-use items. Ask for your coffee in a mug (some stores give you discounts if you do this!), get a metal straw, opt for metal cutlery over plastic ones, and bring an eco-bag! if you often work outside of your home and in a coffee shop, you might be contributing a lot to the world’s single-use trash. Sure, it might be added weight on your bag but it’s all about doing your part to help save the only planet with tequila!

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