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#SlowLiving and Hygge: The Art of Chilling

Contrary to Daft Punk, doing it faster might not be making us stronger. With the uprise of hipster and nomadic titles, people are starting to appreciate living slower.

The concept of slow living doesn’t mean literally living in slow motion, neither does it mean being late. No, it doesn’t mean you have to enjoy getting stuck in EDSA’s notorious pace. And above all things, slow living is not procrastinating. Slow living is a lost art in today’s cityscape where everybody wants to zoom past their schedules to tick off everything on their to-do list.

Slow living is connecting, minus a wi-fi connection. It’s connecting with your surroundings and most of all, yourself. It’s all about being really present in where you currently are. It tasks you to do one thing at a time, or even do nothing at some point.

The Art Of Doing Nothing

One way to interpret slow living is the Italian phrase Dolce Far Niente, literally translating to “the art of doing nothing.” You probably heard of this in Elizabeth Gilbert’s book/movie (staring Julia Roberts) Eat, Pray, Love.  This is not equivalent to being lazy or unproductive; it is exactly the opposite. “Doing nothing” is a spiritual recharge for you to find peace.

How To Hygge

For the Danish, slow living can be defined by one word: hygge (pronounced hoogah or hoo-gah). This is defined as “A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” The Danish consider this as a cornerstone of their culture. Think of candle-lit dinners and warm nights in. Hygge is an experience of having extreme comfort and joy in the simplest things.

Slow living is allowing yourself to have a vacation in the middle of the week—or if you can squeeze it in—in the middle of the day. You don’t have to fly out or take a road trip to get that vacation feel, it can all happen in the confines of your space.

There’s no formula on how to live slow, but a few examples can be defined by wrapping up in your favorite blanket while reading a book with a cup of tea and jazz playing in the background, or tending to the herb garden in your veranda while listening to a podcast. There should be zero distractions. Put your phone on airplane mode to rid yourself of the dings of your email and social media notifications.

TL;DR, it’s when you’re at most peace with yourself and your environment.

Read more about how important it is here: Why I Think Slow Living is The Lifestyle People Need Right Now.

This story first appeared on CondoLiving Magazine’s April 2018 issue, written by Associate Editor Patricia Herbolario. 

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