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How to Get Into Reading Books Again

A lot of people say that print is dead. However, there is still a certain magic that comes with books, magazines, and any type of reading material that’s paperbound. They say that the most successful people in the world read. If you want to hustle as good as them, get reading! GIPHY

If you’ve lost the passion to read, we’re here to get you back on track! Be it laziness or lack of interest with reading, I’ve listed down ways on how you can get back into reading!

1. Start with Magazines

Unlike books, magazines are easier to digest than books. They’re laid-out in a more fun and flexible way, far from the stiff format of books. Magazines also have images, which let’s admit it, typical books don’t and that’s what makes books so intimidating! 

2. Find A Book that Speaks To You

No one’s asking you to read a book about rocket science, unless you want to work for NASA or SpaceX. Look for a book that you actually want to read. It can be anything from fantasy fiction to an inspirational read, all that matters is that the main topic of the book matters to you

3. Check the Reviews

If you check Rotten Tomatoes to avoid wasting hours of your life on a shitty film, you should do the same when choosing a book. Search online or ask your friends if they’ve ever read the book you’re interested to read. The feedback will let you know if it’s worth picking up from the store. Or, if you’re not ready to buy, ask a friend to recommend a good book and borrow it!

4. Set the Mood

This might sound lame but if you lost your reading mojo, this matters a lot. Set the right atmosphere and make yourself comfortable! It can be on your bed, in a coffee shop, in your condo balcony, wherever! What’s important is you get to settle in

5. Commit to a Reading Time

Allot time in your day to read a book, 15-20 minutes shouldn’t hurt your busy schedule. You can put it at the very start during breakfast or at the very end, right when you’re about to go to sleep. Reading a paperback before sleeping than scrolling on your phone is caring for your eyes! It lets less blue-light exposure to your eyes!

6. Set a Reading Goal

If your schedule is more flexible, consider reading a set amount of pages everyday to really push you to finish that book you’ve promised to read since the start of this year. Don’t worry, I’m just as guilty as you. I have a dozen of unread books.

7. Write on Your Books

If you really want to focus on reading, annotate on your books! Unless you’ve borrowed that book from the library or your friend, scribble and write on your books to engage with the content. It will make reading less boring and this will also help you remember important anecdotes too! This is tip works wonders for me, I remember a lot of the information and it makes the books more personal. Sure, people might think you’re crazy for writing on your books but at least you get the most out of it!


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