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I Tried the Araneta Center P2P NAIA Bus, Here’s What You Should Know

Araneta Center, Araneta Center P2P Bus, NAIA P2P Bus, UBE Bus,

If you travel often, exclusive buses that lead you from the city center to the Airport shouldn’t be a surprise. Any country has them, Singapore and Hong Kong even has a train exclusively for that route. Manila, in it’s own little ways, is trying to step-up in that arena.

Araneta Center, Araneta Center P2P Bus, NAIA P2P Bus, UBE Bus,

For only P100 pesos (as of posting) you can get go to Cubao to the Airport -and vise versa- in a brand new P2P bus. This is a big save for the penny pinchers because Cubao to NAIA is usually P350+ via Grab in the wee-hours of the morning, even higher during rush hour. All buses will stop at all NAIAs (T1 to T4) and have return rides to Cubao as well. When I rode it last week, it still had that new car scent. It took 30 minutes to get from Cubao to Terminal 2! There was only 5 of us who rode the bus (read: I rode the 2AM bus) but I heard that it gets pretty packed during rush hour.

Araneta Center, Araneta Center P2P Bus, NAIA P2P Bus, UBE Bus,

The buses (in an official statement from Araneta Center) are “fully air-conditioned, equipped with global positioning system (GPS) technology, Wi-Fi connection, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras, and easy access to persons with disabilities.” I personally like the whole experience. The AC was good, the chairs were comfy, there was enough space for everyone with one piece of luggage.

Araneta Center, Araneta Center P2P Bus, NAIA P2P Bus, UBE Bus,

Note that they don’t really have buses every 15 minutes like Hong Kong or other cities. Due to the unpredictable Manila traffic, the ETD and ETAs have enough buffering times. So, best to ride these buses when you know you’re not running late for your flight. Here’s the schedules:

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The UBE bus station is located in the bus station behind Shopwise. There’s a waiting lounge for you to stay at in the Cubao stop (with a clean comfort room!) but in the Airport there’s just a tiny booth.

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