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This is Where I’ve Been Co-Working Lately!

While I do enjoy the allure of working in coffeeshops, there is still a major difference between working in an actual office and a place stuffed with students and chatting titas over coffee.

As a person who left the chains and ceilings of the corporate world, it’s so important to have a dedicated place to work. Even if I “Work from Home”, I personally prefer working outside of my condo, just to separate my life with my work in terms of space. I have two cute doggies who tend to steal my attention so I often end up working else where to focus.

Freelancers and consultants, let’s get real: coffee shops are nice but not the best place to work. The problems with coffee shops is that it tends to get a bit crowded, noisy, and the internet isn’t the most stable thing in the world.

The number of co-working spaces are not a surprise with the rise of online jobs that pay better and are wayyyyyyy more flexible than the 9 to 5 job. Co-working spaces have stable internet, ergonomic chairs, and “privacy”, in a sense that you don’t have to worry about a noisy college study group beside you. Lately, I’ve been spending my time in Springboard 201 to get a lot of projects done.  There’s fast internet (I do my Skype interviews here with ease!!!), printing, scanning, and photocopying is also available, and they have the most ergonomic chairs everrrrr.

It’s easy to get to Springboard 201. Located at Net One Center, you can just ride the BGC bus and get off here. There’s a BPI at the ground floor and a 7-Eleven right across! It’s an 8 minute walk from High Street and it’s 2 blocks away from Burgos Circle, in case you want to get a snack or lunch.

If you don’t want to waste time going out to order some fuel, Springboard 201 has its own coffee nook inside! Luna Specialty Coffee supplies their brew, so you can be sure that it’s good caffeine! I totes recommend the Salted Caramel Iced Coffee (less than P200), a bit on the super sweet side so you can still water it down.

The pantry is also free for your use, so you can bring baon and microwave your shit there. The pantry is a nice place to network with co-working hoomans! Guys, pro-tip: Unli-water so bring your go-to sachets of tea/coffee if you’re broke AF like me.

They have daily rates (Php 650 one seat day) and monthly rates (Php 8,000 one seat per day for 3 months, that’s roughly Php 110/per day if you come in every weekday). The currently have introductory promos you can check out via IG!

Visit Springboard 201 at Net One Center, 26th Street Corner 3rd Avenue, BGC. Or visit their Facebook page here!

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