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TeaPatTravels: Calgary Tower



I haven’t talked to you guys in a such a long time! So may things have been going on lately! I got a new job, I’m contributing to so many other brands, I’ve been out and about every Friday night… Let’s just say I have a full schedule and I am so glad I was able to find time to write this! If anything, I need another vacation. BUT  since I can’t with all these things going on, I’ll just blog about my previous vacay. #BooButYey

As you guys know based on my previous posts I have spent a month touring around Alberta, specifically in Calgary. It’s a quaint town, not as hectic as Manila (no city could be as hectic as Manila), and people are super friendly and nice! One of the main attractions in Calgary is the Calgary Tower. You can literally see it the moment you look up from any spot of Downtown.

It’s here #CalgaryTower
And here.

It’s one of the highest 360 degree observation decks  in the world so you can bet that the view up-tp is pretty gorgeous. Since I wasn’t able to take super good photos (I LEFT MY CAMERA CHARGER IN MANILA, IMAGINE HOW DUMB I FEEL), I had to take these pics via iPhone6 and my mom’s Samsung Edge. Luckily, the website allows you to have a preview of the panoramic view 😉



If you’re planning to visit soon, tickets are C$18 for regular adults/teens and discounts are available for kids and elderly visitors. I’m not usually the type of traveler who goes for these tourist-traps but this is something I would totally recommend.


There’s a an all-glass area in the tower and let me tell you that I totally got jelly legs the moment I tried to take one step. I know that it’s safe and all but when you’re there it tooooootally feels like you’re going to fall off! But once you step in, you’re all good… that is if you don’t look down. LOL





I’m planning something on Medium! Will let you guys know about it soon!

Much love,








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