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I won’t even bother writing an introduction for this because hands down, Village Ice Cream is the best ice cream I have ever had in my 21 years of existence. For $5 for one scoop to $7 for two scoops, it is officially my new addiction. AND IT DOES NOT HELP THAT THEIR WEBSITE LOOKS MAJOR CUTE. I LOVE THIS BRAND SO MUCH.


In honor of true hole-in-the-wall code (as drafted by hipsters from all around), Village is located in a far-off place Downtown, hidden in between warehouses and schools. If you are commuting, take Bus 1 and get off Olympic Way SE and 9th Ave. It should be a short walk from there. If you have a car, there is free parking.

The eating area outside of Village

A Q tends to build up during the night so if you hate lines, I highly suggest going in the afternoon to avoid massive crowds of people. But I will warn you now that IT IS WORTH THE WAIT.

Any flavor will not be a mistake, all of them are suuuuper good

The shop is petite but it is the perfect size for an ice cream shop in Alberta (where temperatures can reach up to -4 on a usual basis and almost -40 during winter). Interiors are simple, rustic and industrial with exposed pipes, roughly finished flooring, and wooden accents.


Okay. Now, about the ice cream. During my first visit I simply had to get the Earl Grey (since almost of you would know, I LOVE tea) and the Phil & Sebastian Coffee (who are famous local brewers). I am often so particular about these flavors since 1. Earl Grey is a rare flavour and 2. Coffee is a tricky flavour which tends to be too sour (if made from fresh cold roast) or too hosed down with sugar. Village managed to make these two flavors soooooooooo well. The best part about any cup of Village Ice Cream is that you have to drag the ice cream out of your spoon. You need to scrape your teeth against the spoon because that’s how thick and creamy it is. YESSSSS. I wouldn’t say that the consistency is like toffee or taffy, no. It’s not like that at all. It’s just really, really, really thick ice cream. ANy flavor is a bullseye for me, I’ve tried Salted Caramel and Maple Bacon too (because DUH, I’m in Canada).


I visited this shop 3 times when I was in Calgary and I could remember explicitly saying “This has to be my final meal before I fly back to Manila.” And yes, it was. Village serves insanely thick and flavorful ice cream to which you can actually say it’sa work of art. The textures, the flavors, how it all comes together in your mouth is simply heavenly. Sorta wish I brought home a pint with me 😉


Much love,



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