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CRU: Cold-Pressed Juice, Calgary

I have never been a fan of the whole juice thing. I mean sure, I love Arizona and OJ as much as the next person but I never got into the whole juice-detox thing. Until I visited CRU: Cold-Pressed Juice along 17th Ave.



Located along 17th Ave. of Downtown Calgary, their shop is officially one of my favorite stores in the world. Like, I’m not even kidding. Look at the interiors! it’s shabby, cross-borderline Bohemian but still has the right amount of modern. Not to mention how the deep rich green color on the walls is officially my favorite right now!



For a juice bar, they are beating coffee shops in their own game. CRU has a lot of spaces for people to just sit down, enjoy their juice, and unwind. Nothing too formal, everything is just chill and laid-back.


The menu has a wide variety of juices. And the way the menu/the main bar was set-up is just gorgeous! No words. I am so in love with it ❤


So, let’s juice out the juice. I got the #FuelHappiness because who wouldn’t want a happiness boost in their lives?! Hahaha! I must admit that I liked it a lot! It was tangy, like veryyyy tangy but it was very refreshing with the seeds which also added texture aside from taste to the juice. Yum Yum Yum! Funny thing is, when I dropped by, they were giving away free Spicy Lemonades! INSANE! I liked it too, the spice breaks the lemonade’s tang 🙂


I am so jelly that we don’t have more juice bars in Manila because this concept is so cool! Sure we have our coffee shops but we need some variety! Anyhow, I love the interiors and the juices! ❤

Talk to you kids soon!


P.S. What do you kids think of the blog’s new format? Email me, snapchat me, comment, etc. I’d love to get feedback! 🙂


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