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Buttermilk on 17th Ave.

There is no denying that 17th Ave. has to be my favorite street in Calgary. There are sooooooo many interesting shops and coffee shops across the entire street. Walking for 7 blocks with store after store, I ovs got hungry. By some miracle my stomach growled when I was right across this shop. No, that is not a lame storytelling template, that is really what happened. With a hungry stomach and the words WAFFLES plastered right across, who am I to resist? Waffles will be waffles.


 While I did expect some kickass waffles, I was also surprised to see that Buttermilk has some pretty nice interiors. It’s warm with all the wood details and modern with the color palette, accessories and some accent details. Simple and chic.



The menu has a wide range of sweet/savory waffles so it can be dessert, breakfast, an afternoon snack… Actually waffles can be for whenever you want it to be now that I think about it.


Anywho, I went to get the Village ($10 + tax). Named as such because it is served with a scoop of Village Ice Cream. AND OH MY GOD. VILLAGE ICE CREAM IS AMAZING, more about them later. Okay, let me compose myself for a second to talk about Buttermilk’s equally yummy waffles.


Okay, so the waffle is THICK. That consistency makes it perfect to scoop around all the melted chocolate, all the light/creamy whipped cream, and the insane ice cream from Village. Not to mention the heary spreading of pecans. PECANS. This is the best waffle I have ever had! You might think that one serving is enough, it is. It is too much, that is for my tiny stomach. But you will want to finish the entire thing despite being full! It tastes incredible!


Sorry to cut it short, talk to you guys soon!

Let me know of what you think of the new layout!

Love Much,


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