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HOT TEA: Philosafy Coffee

When in 17th Ave, no one can deny that hipster coffee shops are abundant. Philosafy is one them. Unlike the other shops along 17th Ave., Philosafy has a larger space with tables that can fit larger groups.


For some reason, I adore the interiors. I think it’s mainly because of the golden details that blended well with the industrial furniture. The carpets were unexpected but strangely added warmth and personality to the space (although, it could also be for better acoustics).

And don’t get me started on those glass lamps. THEY ARE GORGEOUS ❤ I got a warm cup of coffee because Calgary weather is pretty much cool for most of the year. I mean, sure discard summer from that and you basically have 10 months of cool, chilly and cold. And since I’m from Manila, what is cool for Calgarians is freezing cold for me.


Their cups are so cute! It totally explains why the brand is called Philosafy. I mean, that guy on my black cup very well could be Socrates! The staff is friendly and approachable, one of them even smiled for my photo! 😀


Oh, and yes, they also serve your usual cafe snacks and coffee beans!


Overall, I am happy with my coffee run in Philosafy, it’s one of those places that are not plotted on my itinerary but it was definitely worth the visit! Sharing more of my Canada trip to you guys soon!

(And a ton of changes are soon to be implemented on the blog! Again, soon!)

Much Love,


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