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Mackay’s Ice Cream

I was told that somewhere in Cochrane, Calgary, an ice cream shop has been operating since 1948. Being a big fan of heritage brands, I simply had to try it. That and because it’s always a good idea to have ice cream.


MacKay’s is a family-started and family-run business who still uses their grandmother’s recipie. You know it’s good when it’s by grandma, right? Aside from that, they use 100% Canadian high butterfat cream.So you can expect the ice cream base to be thick, creamy, and rich.


The thing about MacKay’s is that they have a gazillion flavors to choose from. If you look closely at the board, they have everything from White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle all the way to a Filipino classic, Halo Halo. So the main problem when you go here is deciding what flavor to go for.



For those who know me well, they would know that I appreciate a simple scoop of Vanilla. Yes, I am boring like that. But since I am in Canada, I might as well get the Maple Bacon, right? And obviously, I did not make a mistake. Since maple is SUPER sweet, the salty and smokey bits of the bacon perfectly cut through it. And note that is was real bacon, not artificial bits, it was real bacon chunks. Def worth a try! ❤


With the family business growing more and more into a brand, you can expect that there is more demand (okay, lame rhyme right there). If you like any flavor, you can actually take it home! ❤


I do wonder if the tourists who were able to visit were able to take some home too 😉


Much Love,


One reply to “Mackay’s Ice Cream

  1. Interesting! Anything with ice cream in the title will make me read it.
    We have a Mackays ice cream on sale in uk, but I’m not sure if it is the same brand. It is in a blue and yellow tub, and I thought it was made in Scotland!


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