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OOTD with Caronia!

Fifty-five (55) pesos. I know. HOW. How can this whole outfit be P55? Well, let’s just say that I was updating my wardrobe and I saw some happy finds but more of that here. But right now, let’s talk about summer!
In a very tropical country like the Philippines, it is hard to tell if there is such a thing as “summer” when the whole year is basically summer-weather. If you are a Filipina/Filipino, chances are you have a very low supply of thermal wear and thick coats and you have a ridiculous amount of sheer tops and shorts. So you don’t really need to update your wardrobe (unless you want to, no judge)
One of the best ways to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank is by getting your nails done in a fun color. I’m talking about adding a ton of yellows, reds and bright and sunny colors while you stow away the deep and rouge blacks and grays. As a writer, I make most of my stuff through my fingers and the best way to pameper and treat my ten tiny friends is to bring them into the nail salon and give them a lovely coat of the season’s hottest colors.
Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 11.48.59 PM
Inspired by Caronia’s latest collection, I got to work and got a bright yellow sweater (Caronia’s Lemon Cool) with a nude pencil skirt (Caronia’s Peach Perfect).  Yes, I started my summer off with a sweater. But do not worry, it was very loose and made of thin wool. To make it more summer ready, I opted for a pair of white Keds-inspired sneakers from Payless and a chunky necklace from H&M/Chanel 2.55-inspired bag from Call It Spiring makes my outfit more formal.
Enter a caption
While my outfit might be inspired by Peach Perfect &  Lemon Cool, I am in love with the Popsicle Collection’s Brain Freeze and Tequila Sunrise not only because they resonate with Pantone’s colors of the year but because they. Come. In. MATTE. YES. MATTE, LADIES. YOU READ THAT RIGHT. MATTE. MATTE. MATTE. IT’S DRIVING ME MATTE (mad, for those who didn’t get the reference). They dry fast and are pretty durable, I have been eating them for 4 days now and no chips! #KeepItColorful this summer with Caronia’s latest summer collection!
Which Caronia color are you going to wear this summer?
Much Love,
Yellow Sweater from Ukay-Ukay (P40)
Nude Skirt from Ukay (P15)
Shoes from PayLess
Bag from Call It Spring
Necklace from H&M
Nails in Caronia’s Popsicle collection, Brain Freeze
#OOTD Photos by Sebb Borja
Hello, Hello to Team NewZilla/GeiserMaclang!

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