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OOTD: Ukay Challenge 3

So let me just clarify myself, no. Not all of my clothes come from thrift shops and no, I am not ashamed that I shop there (hence my dedication for this segment in my blog). It is a way of “recycling” and helping the planet. It is also a whole lot of fun! It’s like a giant treasure hunt and for girls like me who are Penny-Pinching-Pias/Patricias (sometimes), the treasure doesn’t cost that much. Take a look at these sign boards (3 shirts for P100 and an entire rack with P15 priced items!)


Yes, ukay is great. But let me just warn you that while it is great to look for treasures in thrift shops, there are some pieces that simply have to stay in the graveyard (I call ukays Clothes Graveyards because that’s where unloved and “dead” or out-of-season clothes go).
Here’s my reminder list of MY
10 Commandments for Ukay-Ukay for all of you gals and guys!
1. Yellow stains or any color stain are a no-no for me. Sure, some stains will disappear with a good wash and some old-wives-vinegar-solution but some don’t. I guess this is up to you if you want to risk it but there are a gazillion clothes out there worth your money. Leave the stained piece.
2. Never buy pants or shorts or anything that will be hugging your crotch/underarms. Just. No. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this. GERMS. A.ND. OTHER. THINGS.
3. Do not think about who used to own the piece. Just don’t. It’s like dating someone and all you can ask them is about their ex when they are an amazing person on their own! If you like it, take it home, wash it, wear it, love it, own it.
4. Anything that looks worn out should be left out. Get something that looks brand new. Yo have like 100 racks to push through.
5. Shoes are also sold in these stores but I have never bought a pair because unlike stains, you can’t really see feet fungi in the shoes. So leave those pair on the rack and invest in a more decent/brand new pair of shoes.
With all that extra money you can invest in a more expensive bag!
6. Yes, you can haggle for a lower price but if it’s P15, please do not expect a lower price. That’s P15 and they are still running a business.
7. Take care of your things and yourself when in the Ukay. Pick-pockets and some dust allergens are some of the things you need to watch out for. Be alert and wear a clinical mask (some people do wear masks).
8. Take a bath after shopping and wash your newly purchased clothes with you. NEVER BUY AND WEAR. Always buy-wash-wear. The smell will wear off eventualy
9. Come back to the ukay store around 2-3 weeks apart for new stocks.
10. Patience and arm strength. You won’t find magical pieces in an instant (sometimes I do but not often) so you really need to push hanger after hanger of clothes just to get a really good piece.
Here’s another Ukay Challenge with a dress worth P160, it’s a Korean branded dress. Make-up and photography by Sam Tungul!
Sam’s Make-up looks oh-so-lovely! #SamsDolls
Floral dress in Makati!
Make-Up by @samtungul

Much Love,


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