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Wanderland 2016

I hate myself and it is my bad. I went in late this year, around 3:40PM to avoid getting sunburned and I totally regret it. By 3:40PM Circuit Makati was already more than 70% full so yes, this year was like a can of sardines and most of the international liners haven’t even performed yet at this point. But then again, local acts are getting better and better (I’m looking at you, CRWN). But even if this indie event is turning mainstream, I am so glad that the #WanderlandCommunity is getting larger each year!


I love love love adore love love this year’s theme which is outer space. Have I said I love this year’s theme?


I feel really disappointed in myself though for coming in a bit unprepared because I didn’t really have time to prepare (my camera and yes, I did not prepare my outfit #SHAMEONMYSOUL) with my schedule #Sad.  but even so, I went and enjoyed the music I came for. I’ve asked for San Cisco a few years a who (back during the 2nd year of Wanderland) and I’m so happy they brought them in this year. I. AM. CRYING. Let me just show you photos of my favourite band here: AND MORE OF JORDI’S LEGS. CAN WE ALL NOT CRY OVER HIS LEGS I LOVE YOUR LEGS JORDI. 




I really like the set San Cisco made because it was perfect for a chill afternoon. They played Fred Astaire the last and it’s totally a dream come true to sing and dance with them live (insert rainbow barfing emoji here).




Your usual activities such as live art, fun games and stalls were there again this year but I wasn’t able to try them out.



I like the new payment scheme around the park where you load the little tap square on your NFC wristband. I love the technology behind it and the idea of keeping your money safe though… you do have to load it first but there’s a number of people walking around to load aside from the designated loading stations.

Forgive the crapy ninja-photo

I really like how there was two stages so that sound-check time between bands could be lessened. But I did commit to staying on the Wanderland stage over the Globe stage because… well… I can’t move away anymore! There was so many people this year and I’m glad I got to meet some of them while I was in line for food and drinks. Don’t worry, like any other festival long lines are inevitable.


CRWN and Jess Connelly was a great performance. Though… when has CRWN ever played a bad set?! CRWN pls, you the best. 



The Naked and the Famous was a total dream especially when they played Young Blood (AKA the theme song of my youth). 




Here’s a photo of how it is when The Naked and Famous threw a signed item: CAN I JUST SAY…. WILD.


I went of halfway through Bon Iver’s set. Yes, I know. People would have killed for a spot in the mosh pit but I spent my entire Wanderland experience last time in the mosh pit so I want to enjoy the festival outside of the mosh this time.



I think people wanted an encore after Death Cab went off stage but I honestly think that we were all sad and depressed right after Ben said “I need you so much closer” and hit everyone’s hearts right in the feels. I mean the band literally sounds exactly the same as you would hear them on Spotify like it’s crazy. They even sound better because you can feel Ben’s emotions more while he was singing. and he was sweating. Like it was raining, he was sweating like it was raining. Like not even kidding. Talk about dedication.

Death Cab for Cutie singing Transatlanticism

I can’t wait for next year’s line-up! On my wishlist is Foxes, Lana Del Rey, Halesey,  Who knows, it might be underwater themed 😉


Much Love,


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