Joseph’s Craft Ice Cream

I’m always one for something new and experiential which is why I had to try out one of the latest food things happening in Shang… And it’s not in the East Wing (finally!).


Joseph’s Crafted Ice Cream is a stall near Toys R’ Us. I visited this when it was relatively new but forgot to post about it with the crazy schedule I’ve been working with. Magazine life is cray.

***before nitrogen***
**after nitrogen and scrapping**

You go here for the experience of seeing the nitrogen turn the milk into ice cream, not necessarily for anything else. It’s priced the same with its other nearby competitors like Gelatissimo or Dipin’ Dots but what really makes it different is the way it’s prepared. The taste stays cool, down to your last bite which I guess makes it different from Morelli’s and other ice cream/gelato/frozen goods being sold in Shang.



Much Love,


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