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Escolta Saturday Market

The moment I heard that a Saturday Market was happening in a  very old building in the sketchy streets go Manila, I simply knew I had to go. The Escolta Saturday Market is by 98Collaboratory. There has been an unusual rise in bazaars in Metro Manila but unlike other *mainstream* bazaars, this one is different.
It’s held on a Saturday (obviously) every so often with a certain theme. This one was last December, the theme was Pinoy Pop Culture but a few months ago it was Old Escolta and there was even a month that had pinoy street food!
It’s not sure easy to find but if you get to Recto station, ask around jeepney drivers and say you’re going to Santa Clara, its a church. The jeepney drivers are pretty friendly, especially if they know you’re not from around the area. Atlas the one I was able to ask from. Go down Sta. Clara and when you get to the church, ask for directions to Escolta street, the vendors or the old ladies in the church will lead you to it. It’s less than a 5 minute walk from there. If I was able to find it, I bet you can too!
Once you get there, you’ll see different artists selling their art. There are all sorts of merchendise being sold, all of which are pretty unique. I was able to buy a lot of stickers which are no on my laptop collection 🙂 The charm of the market lies in the abandoned looking interior. See for yourself!
There’s even some live art in one corner! The art was a portrayal of Manila traffic and a hint of the melting ice glaciers. Well, that is to my understanding and interpretation. With a couple of Christmas lights and some ice blocks, the message was pretty strong.
You can check 98Collaboratory’s Facebook for the next Escolta Saturday Market! 😉
Much Love,

2 replies to “Escolta Saturday Market

  1. That’s a nice little story! Great photos of the market, too. I like the guy making bracelets, I would have bought one. Thanks for sharing.


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