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Thoughts for the invisible ones

Everyday I come across many amazing people in my day job. Photographers, designers, chefs, celebrities and so on. A number of them have not only amassed wealth but also influence. They were no longer invisible, they were seen. They were looked at, they were revered, and above all, they shone brightly. They were the people who made it. They were the people to be– they were the people we wanted to be

You would think that in a world where digital platforms reign supreme, it would be easy to let yourself be seen, be heard, be recognized and so on but it’s not. For some reason no matter how hard we try, no mater how many hashtags we use, we are still invisible. Or worse, ignored. While I’m here making ways to get myself seen, the world has it’s back turned to my face while fascinating at someone else.

You have hundreds of followers? That’s nice, that other person has thousands.

I then dared to ask myself,

“When will I be one of them?” 

When will I be seen? When will I be heard? When will it be my turn?

And then it hit me, I was asking the wrong question. It was no longer a question of “When will my turn come?” It was, “Did I even have a turn to begin with?

What if we never had a turn? What if it was never meant for us? We can always try to be different, we can alway practice to be the best but what if we we’re running in a game we weren’t even invited to in the first place? What if this was it? What if trying was all that was meant for us? What if we’ve already reached the finish line and we’ve been running the same track  again and again without noticing that the race was done ages ago?

This was a fear I knew I had. I am so scared to put so much effort in my craft and be ignored for it in the end. What if this was it? What if we’re waiting for the next chapter when we’re already in the last page?

But here’s the thing, those people who were seen, they’re the reason why we need to shine a little brighter. We need to run  a little faster. We need to create better. So  finally, the world could stop looking at them and lean back to notice us.

I’m writing this to let you know that you need to talk to that little pessimist voice in your head. The one that tells you that it is the end. Don’t shove him away and tell yourself that you will get there. Entertain him, play the game he wants you to play, talk to him. Elizabeth Gilbert calls this guy fear and it is normal to have him but as Gilbert says in her book, Big Magic, don’t let him drive your life.

So go, create. We will have our turn.



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