#OOTD: #H&MBalmaination

If you don’t know what #HMBalmaination is, you have either 1. Died for the pastmonths weeks thus, keeping you away from the internet or 2. Live on the other side of the solar system. Whichever of those it might be, I feel a solemn duty to update you of the hottest collaboration since Starbucks and planners. Balmain x H&M is this year’s collaboration of H&M since last year’s Alexander Wang for H&M collection. This year, I lined up for 3 hours and a half to get my hands on a GORGEOUS COAT. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get it because when I got in, people have already ransacked the racks. Thus leaving me with no choice but to buy black shirt. If you’re planning to line up for next year’s collab, I highly suggest you read this. It’s a list of 6 things I got from #HMBalmaination.
1. Make sure you’re lining up because you love the collection and not because of the hype. In all honesty, we all know that this whole thing is a marketing stunt to sell you overpriced items (there, I said it). I got a plain black shirt with a Balmain print for P1690 (around $35) and it still hurts me to think that I paid so much for a plain shirt but I’ve loved Balmain even before this collaboration. I fell in line because I love Balmain and I knew that this was a rare moment for me to really own a Balmain product because they are so pricey. So it was okay for me.
2. Serious Shopping—> it is at thing. if you want an item, fall in line early. Update yourself through the sales people when the line starts because people in Singapore lined up 3 days before the launch itself. In Manila, people lined up as early as 8:30PM the night before the launch. Think if falling in line overnight is worth the piece you want to get, if you think it is then go pack an overnight bag with a power bank and anti-mosquito stickers then go to H&M right away. I will no judge you because we’ve all done something crazy in the name of fashion.
3. Make a wishlist of the items you’d want to have. Usually, they come out with the collection a few weeks before so you can scout for the prices and the pieces you’ll immediately look for when you get in the ring (the ring is the place where the collection is displayed, more of this later). Set a TOP PICKS list and scout for that immediately, if it’s not there go to the next item on your list, if it’s not go for the third and so on. Make a list of at least 5-8 items so that you still go out of the ring (alive) with what you want. Here’s the things I wanted to get (BUT DIDN’T GET BECAUSE PEOPLE LINED-UP SO EARLY AND HOARDED).
Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 7.22.04 PM
Images from stylebible.ph
4. The Ring. It’s a madhouse when you get in there (or so I’ve seen in other countries), but in Manila it wasn’t as bad. Go grab everything you want in your shopping bag, even if you won’t buy that item, H&M will only give you 10 minutes to shop in the ring and another 10 to fit the items. I suggest get everything, even stuff you won’t buy because you will never be allowed back in the ring once you leave.
5. Wear nice and comfy clothes. Yes, fashion people will be there and they will judge you so wear something nice but still comfy enough to run in or  at the very least sleep in the street for. You will see EICs of fashion magazines there and other fashion-important people there (my Editor-In-Chief/boss, was literally in line 10 people behind me) but save the heels for when you complete your outfit.
6. MEET MY FIRST AND ONLY BALMAIN X H&M SHIRT! It cost me 3 and a half hours of waiting, Php1690 ($35) and all I got is this shirt, the hanger and a fancy paperbag.
Was it worth it? Maybe. I can’t afford a real Balmain (for now) so this is the next best thing I can buy, my first knack on “luxury items” if I must put it blandly. It’s a plain shirt (not even the finest-finest quality) with a felt print of Balmain Asia. But hey, I fell in line, was late for work and it would be a waste not to get a single item.
IMG_4151 IMG_4186
 I paired it with my signature houndstooth skirt (also from H&M) and a pair of lacey shoes from Payless and a bag from SM Department store… Kids section.
LMTP loves @samtungul for photography

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