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Talking Melbourne Interview

The Pinay Travel Buddies is a group of three friends, namely Wina, Celine, and Che. The three of them have been around different parts of the world and they’ve set up their own blog to create an open community of travelers where everyone can share travel tips and experiences. Just recently, they’ve interviewed me to be their featured traveler! Here’s a sneakpeak of my interview, for the whole feature, check it out in their page! 🙂


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1. What brought you there?  My mom had work-related duties there and I simply had to go because I took Australian Studies as an elective one semester ago. Nothing could have stopped me from going, I went there during final’s week!

3. You should not miss visiting or going to  The Great Ocean Road, it’s a whole day trip to see the 12 Apostles but it is totally worth it. You’ll see a lot of sights along the way! Ask your tour guide to bring you to Loch & George, it’s a hidden beach with an amazing story!

5. Most awesome thing I saw is a tough call between The Old Gaul or the Library. Both are totes a must visit! The Old Gaul has a tour where you can be “a prisoner”, but it’s really a tour of the gaul. The Library, on the other hand, is just breath taking! There’s floors and floors of books and the Great Hall of it is just unforgettable! There’s a free museum inside with Ned Kelly’s armour – the National Hero…sort of 🙂

9. Must avoid traveller’s trap  Don’t buy souvenirs in the city, EVER! Go to Victoria Market in the weekend instead, there’s more choices and it is so much cheaper!

Missing Melbourne,


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