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Betsy’s Broas!

I was recently in Malabon for a project when I realized of dropping by Betsy’s Cakeshop, the cakeshop that makes my favorite broas. I first had them when my mom brought them home, at first, I was skeptical about the broas. They were yellow and not like the typical broas I often see, and they’re not super wow in terms of presentation. you might event think that they’re nothing special but…. THEY. ARE. SO. GOOD.

Betsy’s Broas. BROHASS. BEST BROAS EVER. This is a box of 24, I am that crazy.

They’re soft yellow chiffon is coated with a curst of powdered sugar on top and, a smooth and sweet filling of some butter-like-cream on the inside. It’s so simple in theory but once you taste it, it is just so amazing! It’s totes a must try when you find yourself in Malabon.

Finally got to visit Betsy’s Cakeshop!

Once you enter, it’s very simple, no fancy interiors or whatsoever. They also serve some ulam (meat, fish or veggies) with rice meals, other cakes and pasties; something I shall try soon!



Tita Betsy is a real person and rumor has it is that the recipe for my precious broas hasn’t been passed down to her family yet. At an old age, Tita Betsy still cooks the broas herself. Thus, leaving the recipe a “Malabon Mystery” (lol, okay, I made Malabon Mystery up, lol). I think the secret ingredient is her love ❤


Try it when you find yourself in Malabon! Betsy’s is also a stop in Malabon’s Tricycle Tours!

Much love,


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