Your first glimpse: H&M Gateway Mall, Cubao

FINALLY! We cubao creatures get an H&M in our area! You know what that means, MORE SHOPPING!!! They just opened today, November 12 and despite being sick with a cold and walking around with a packed nose, I simply had to drop by. There’s nothing explosive except for the fact that they have the complete line of H&M products here! Whohoo! Here’s what its like:

There’s H&M Home. Yes, you cubao mommies! More items for your homes and for condo dwellers like me, more pieces for our space!



H&M Men is also here! For yer man or daddies, perfect because you will always see couples in Gateway mall for some reason.


They also have H&M Kids! Heads up to tiny girls like me, you just might be able to squeeze in the largest size! Admittedly, I do this often because


And of course, H&M-H&M for ladies is here 🙂


Am I happy? Yes. Will I be here everyday? Yes… Okay maybe for those days I can’t find anything from the ukay nearby. But still, finally! A H&M near my place! Yey!



Much Love,

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