Thoughts for your tea: The Waiting Game

A local TV show with a hit love team recently mentioned that everything falls into place “In the right time”. For my Filipino readers, you know what I’m talking about. For those who aren’t Manila locals, a quick Google search on Aldub should help you out
We have been given this concept of waiting for “the one” since I could remember. We were told to go through life and one day we will meet him, one day the skies will clear up and birds will sing, one day as inscribed in God’s planner with a red ear-tab, it says that you will meet him
I don’t know about you but we it’s like we get a number, we sit down in the waiting room and we do what the room tells us: wait. We wait for him to come in his white horse with his sword on one hand and a ring on the other
After x years of waiting, you suddenly realize that picking you up might not be in prince charming’s Google calendar. Either that or his horse is as fast as a turtle. So what do we do? The world/your aunt (who has never gotten married either) will tell you, “just wait for him, he’s on the way”. You smile politely but your soul has rolled it’s eyes on the situation’s irony
In a time where everything was on the fast lane and life was meant to be fast-paced, waiting seems like a joke, a literal waste of time. And will the waiting justify the guy we get in the end? Or will we have waited in line for a 3 hours only to get a mediocre black shirt? What if we spend our entire life waiting and he comes along, and there’s no magic, no horse, no fireworks? What then? Also, until when were we supposed to wait?
A year? A lifetime? Forever? We frown when we wait in traffic or when we’re in a food queue, thus the need for apps like Waze and Seats.
If we were told that the world waits for no one, why then were we waiting for “the one”?
Following up on my flat white,

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