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Studio 24: Condos designed for Blair Waldorf to General Luna

You may or may not know that I am currently working with a condominium magazine thus, my exposure in the local interior deign world is crazy. If I’m not writing an article about food or lifestyle, I’m probably out there meeting interior designers. Just recently I was invited to the Philippine School of Interior Design’s Studio 24. The school holds an annual exhibit for their graduating students to show off what they’ve got.

This year’s theme was all about condos and working with small spaces. The were divided in 24 groups, each with different clients and all of them only had 24 SQUARE METERS to work with. Now, I’m no interior designer but that is a small space. I reside in a 34 square and the space is alright but relatively tight so imagine a 24. However, people are into #TinyLiving nowadays simply because we’re not always at home and we don’t really need a wide space to live life to the fullest (and, it’s also so much cheaper).

Aside from work, I simply had to pull my parents with me after seeing the exhibit during the press launch to encourage them to get a designer for one of our condos. Trust me, after seeing the amazing pool of talent in this exhibit, you will want to hire one too out of sheer appreciation of these condos. Some of us might think that it’s unnecessary/pricey to hire one but one look at these units will make you think otherwise! It’s worth the investment if you get a condo that perfectly matches your personality in the process.

Studio 24 is located in Ronac Lifestyle Center along Magallanes, the exhibit runs from October 3-31 from 10AM-8PM daily. GO AND SEE THE WORKS, THEY ARE DIVINE. Here are my top picks.

A condo for ME. The moment I saw this condo, sparks flew in my eyes and butterflies fluttered in my stomach and surprisingly enough, this unit was meant for a (romantic) writer. I could imagine my unit in any other way than this one, to the designers of this unit, bravo for creating the unit of my dreams without even meeting me.





If a humbler Tony Stark had a condo this would be it. It has metals and warm finishes to keep it homey. The bed is also hidden behind the cabinets, high tech stuff going on here!!! ALso, look at the floor detail of transition


When the TV is on it looks like this:


When it’s sleeping time, it looks like this: WHOAAAAAAA.


With all the colors and vibrance, this condo could perfectly fit Zooey Deschannel… Or me again (lol). For all the Archie Comic Crazy kids, yup! The designers made this into a dream unit for any 1990s kid who collected Digests and double digests!




For the love of my life, Jay Gatsby. This one is for you. I should stop writing for your eyes to see how amazing this unit is.


Blair Waldorf would have been proud of this unit. I am so fond of this unt because of well, everything! The texture, the lay out, the design. UGH. Please, someone copy-paste this in my unit!!!


And a counter for those nights when Chuck will drop by in search for Dom


And one for Blair’s mother! I’m so captivated by the ceiling! I was also thinking a bit of DVF or Rachel Zoe!



The inner bohemian of Serena Vanderwoodsen (Also Blake Lively’s inner Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2)  or Laureen Uy’s beach princess soul would have found refuge in this very Satorini-inspired space. #wanderlust #WanderInteriors!




A bit of Veronica Lodge meets Marie Antoinette in this space but BARBIE would have called for this. Someone call Matel, because the new Babrie needs a condo exactly like this!!! Another strange personal favorite. I think I have a thing for grays and pinks together, Blair the Queen of my life would have also loved this.



You can almost hear Tandems 91′, Tycho and Oh Wonder playing in the stereo of this design! Loving the bunker and the space-saving chairs!



Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, Jane Austen would have called this home. Emma and Jane’s night chats about Mr. Darcy would have been perfect here. So romantic and so homey.



Nigela. Nigela. Nigela. Or Julia Child or Jullie Powell would have loved baking cookies and cooking lobster here. They even had a wine holder thing in the kitchen, calling Olivia Pope. I am also very allured by this design for some reason.




Although this unit was meant as a mancave, I couldn’t help but feel like this is meant for a girl because it resonates so much with me! I think Dante would have written the whole Divine Comedy here though. I loved how they mixed the old and the new together! Also, I am in love with those mirror tiles! To. Die. For.



If General Luna had a condo, it would probably something like this. Very old yet charming. Or Mabini, or Paco… Let’s not miss our Gregoreous Del Pilar (aka Paolo Avelino). The bed actually can be hidden in the wall and a couch will magically appear but for exhibit purposes, they let the bed down first. Also, the TV revolves in either the Bedroom’s direction or the Dining!



Another really good one was the one meant for a tattoo artist which had a walk-in closet in the 24 square unit! The design was also breath-taking and unforgettable, very moving I even dare say. It takes out all the typical Filipino stereo-types and takes it to a global stage! Yes, the shower is separated with only a glass wall because why not. It’s gorgeous!




After a refreshing-water fall bath by the rocks, you can get ready in your walk-in closet!




Interior design looks like it has a bright and crazy creative future here in Manila and that’s just great!

Much love,


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