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#ootd: Ukay Challenge 2

A number of people have asked me on why I placed up #UkayChallenge in my blog. Some say it damages my reputation, some say it’s inspiring and my mother says it just plain tacky. (Thanks for the support, mom.)
Well, here’s the thing, I genuinely think that there’s nothing wrong with spotting a bargain or going to the ukay (thrift store) to buy your stuff.
First of all, it’s an adventure to go into an ukay. And I love adventure! You never know what you’re going to get, what hidden gems are in those stores unlike typical boutiques and shops that have all their stuff lined up in duplicates and in different sizes! Might as well go for a communist uniform. You’ll have your heart leap into a *YEHEY* once you find a good piece, it’s like hitting the jackpot in bingo!
Secondly, I want to make everyone feel comfortable on where they buy their clothes/stuff! I think people have been covering themselves up in brands and not in fashion or style. It’s so easy to say “I’m wearing ____fancy brand___” and feel like you’re “safety netted” by said brand. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. Brands are protective shields as much as they are statements. And even if I’m a marketing student, I firmly believe that when it comes to outfits and looks, it’s not about who made it but about who wears it. They’re clothes and what they are and mean all depend on you! Who cares if it’s from Zara or from Sarah?! A good outfit is a good outfit.
Third, it pushes my creativity to the max. I try my best to make an amazing outfit in every trip and it’s not easy with all the ukay shops in my area. So that’s either one dress with a bag or a skirt and a shirt (That will cost you about Php 200). Also, your style gets pushed because you think on how versatile a piece would be in your total wardrobe.
Lastly, good clothes need not cost a thing! Bring P1000 in an ukay and I can assure you that you will possibly end up with 5 new blouses and a pair of pants! Also, with all the countries I still want to go to, saving up money wasn’t such a bad idea. The ukay is a place you can still shop without hurting your pocket. You can even haggle the prices if you think they’re still a bit pricey.
And to leave you, here’s another outfit I purely from Ukay-ukay! The white lace sweater (P200) looked barely worn and the hutch hound skirt is from Cotton On(P169), also barely worn! I placed up this outfit for a digitalserye where I star as an extra. LOL.
Much Love,

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