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I have heard from a food enthusiast that Mecha Uma’s food (literally, yes. I am not kidding) made her cry. Quickly after discovering this, I’ve placed Ooma on my “high expectations” list. Ooma is, the way I see it, the little sibling of Mecha Uma. Hence, UMA and OOMA.


The concept is very Japanese-Fishery. You can notice that the moment you step in with how their interiors look like. So expect nothing less than good ass Japanese food. However, do expect a line should you plan to eat here for dinner.




When you look at the menu, the prices are not super pricey. And since I trust how my friend described Mecha Uma, I knew that was probably worth my money and hopefully not another overly-hyped up resto. They also have unlimited rice and hot tea! YEY! I got the Otaku Don which is Smoked sous-vide chicken with fresh mushrooms and crispy chicken skin that would put chickenjoy’s skin to shame. It’s a delightful bowl that’s (personally) good for two. The taste was refreshing for something Japanese. The veggies were a great freshness to the sweet sauce and the chicken was cooked so perfectly. They were soft and flavorful!


THEIR SERVING: MOSTEROUS. Okay, maybe I’m over reacting but it was a big hot-bowl for a person like me. I think the unlimited rice thing can only be enjoyed by the guys. My other friend (Max) got the Buta Kakuni Katsudon which is slow roasted pork belly. It’s also divine!


My other friend (who’s name is also Pat) got the Gyudon which is a Sous-vide beef short plate. ALl the things we ordered were Php289 but I think that’s still without service charge so expect a +10% on your bill. The Gyudon looked like a plate I would have enjoyed more because it had beef fat and who doesn’t love beef fat?! I LOVE BEEF FAT AND ON JAPANESE, IT IS JUST DIVINE.


We also got an Ebi Tempura Maki (Php225) which was great!


Ooma is a great place to have a catch-up session in or even a date because Japanese is just a must for dates but since the serving is huge, the table turnover might take awhile so have your name placed on the list if you plan to eat here. Although, I didn’t need to line up because I went as early as 11AM with my friends. It’s worth a try! While the food did not make me cry as I have expected, it is not your typical overhyped Japanese resto. They genuinely have great  Japanese food that I would recommend for people to go. It’s worth coming back for and recommending to your friends. Yup, I’m OOMAzed by this resto! Try it when you’re in Megamall!


Much love,


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