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BLOGGING 101: WHAT is a blogger?

I’ve heard this line from a number of lips (and my own), “I’m a blogger.”

But really, WHAT is a blogger? Who gives you the right to call yourself a blogger? If you think about it, all bloggers are self-proclaimed and while that might sound conceited/pretentious, it is true. Most (if not all) has never really been told by Google or some communications agency that “You, on this day of August in the year of the lord 2015, are now officially a blogger,!” Nope. No one does that. A majority of us just place the title on our name because we think that we are entitled to it.

So what/who is a blogger? Hypothetically, all of us in the digital age are (technically) bloggers. The only difference from being a “real” one is actually having a domain on WordPress/Blogspot but even just having a social media platform with a lot of followers can contest to that premise of who is a blogger and who isn’t. So again, technically everyone with a social media account is a blogger, while some “official” bloggers might run after me with a pitch fork and touches after saying that, we all have to admit that by definition: everyone is a blogger.

However, as a blogger, you are so many things aside from just a “blogger.” Here are 10 more thing you are when you’re a blogger.

1. You’re a writer
In your very own way, may you just be writing 140 characters, you are a writer if you’re a blogger. Digital content is to reliant on the 26 Letters of the alphabet.

2. You’re a photographer
A lot of blogs (if not all) have photos, if you’re reading this your blog probably has more photos than mine. Digital content is so reliant on good visuals and having good photos are so important.

3. You’re a stylist
You know that time you had to move around plates on the table to get a perfect shot? Yeah. That’s what a stylist does.


4. You’re a brand
Everyone is and when you’re a blogger, that is heightened to the next level. You now have to stick to a certain look, theme, topic, etc. Consistency is key when branding yourself as a blogger or branding your blog period. You’re not just you, you’re you with all the frills and the way people know you as.

5. You’re a historian
Not in a sense that you dig up history (which you probably do when writing/certifying a story in your posts) in a sense that you document it. Personally, this is the best thing about being a blogger: the documentation. The fact that we are writing what will be (in 20 years from now) history. I think that’s just amazing. Document as much as you can, from things you see when you travel to the coffee you taste!


6. You’re a journalist 
This goes beyond being a writer, being a journalist means that you have the responsibility to uphold the truth and nothing but the truth in your posts. This also means posting something new or posting something old with a new perspective.

7. You’re an I.T. person
Anyone who has handled WordPress/Blogspot for the first time, yup. LEMME HEAR YAH. You have to-in some way-handle the machinery and software behind your blog and that is no easy feat sometimes but it does get better with practice.

8. You’re an entrepreneur
If you get paid for your posts, if not that’s fine. You can be an entrepreneur should you venture into it. If you’re not paid for it, my next point should be able to uplift you.

9. You’re doing societal purpose, even if you’re unaware of it.
All those restaurants you’ve blogged about? You’ve helped in their sales, one way or another. If a friend sees you post and invites friends over to the place you featured, you have helped out a business! If your insights on life helped someone get through a tough time, then that’s even more great! I think being able to do all of those things with your blog just swell!

10. You’re a lifestyle
People will be following you and your posts and most bloggers nowadays (may they blog about food or typography) are all about the whole lifestyle. It’s not just about fashion, it’s about health too; it’s not just about typography, it’s also about where you buy your materials; and so on. These are things people want to know about. Blogging is a lifestyle on its own, you have to integrate it in your schedule to make content and to post content.


While there might never be a verified plaque that says “You are a blogger” on your I.D., blogging is simply about doing. It’s about doing all of these 10 things and integrating them on your platform (may it be Instagram or WordPress). Happy blogging!

Hope these things help!

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