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HAWKER CENTER: Telok Ayer Market

Hawker enters are a plenty in Singapore. They are, by definition, food halls serving Singaporean cuisine. This is a must try for any tourist. So skip that Mcdo meal and head to a hawker and eat with the locals, by the locals, like the locals!!! From your Nasi Lemaks to your Satees, hawker centers are sure to drive foodies and wanderers crazy.


It is the best way to get your Singaporean food fix like a real local. Nothing fancy, no saucy interiors or stuff like that, just good as fudge food. You’ll be surprised that Sing cuisine has an extensive variety of noodles, rice, rice cakes, ice drinks, shaved ice desserts, teas, etc. It’s hard to find something you won’t eat (not to mention how affordable the meals are). How do you know which hawker stall is the best? Based from the words of Anthony Bourdain, go to the one where people are lining up, that means they have better food.


A couple of my relatives and I headed down to Telok Ayer Market which is two blocks from the Telok Ayer train station. Unlike some hawkers, this one was very “interior/exterior decorated”. It’s located dead-smack in the middle of Singapore’s business centre which just shows to you how much this country appreciates their heritage and culture. Instead of building another business empire (which they totally can) here stands-in the middle of giants-an they preserved a small yet meaningful structure (Attention: El Hogar/DMCI behind Rizal Park/People who say history is “just in the past”) This hawker is all about preserving culture and heritage in a very fast-paced and modernized environment.


Inside it is literally a web of hawkers selling anything and everything you can think of. The centre of the centre is the drinks and desserts stalls as the seats and main courses line up on the side. There’s also bells ringing every so often, it adds to a great ambiance.


You can line up at a hawker station you like then order, pay, get your food and eat. However, there are some sellers in vests who go around with a menu and you can order restaurant-style. All you have to do is call one of them (or wait for them to go near you) choose from the menu they have, wait for your food, and pay the person who served you. We had Satee Barbecue sticks in both chicken and pork, they’re not at all spicy but more of sweet and savory


When ordering in groups, it is convenient to get 50 sticks of Satee but it’s also nice to have your own plate of goodness! Choose whichever floats your boat but with the very warm temperature you might want to stay away from the hot soups and porridges


I had a Oyster Egg-Rice Cake of some sort with Iced Teh C or Susu (someone please help me with this :)) AND Pocari Sweat because Singapore is a walking city an you WILL sweat so load up on water and ions!


Can’t wait to eat in one again! Especially to have my fave Sing dessert, RED RUBY. BEST. EVER. For SGD2.00, you get a bowl good for 2-3 persons. The bowl is filled with shaved ice, coconut milk, gelatin, pearls, and (the red ruby) water chestnuts!  WONDERFUL. JUST. WONDERFUL.



Much Love,

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