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BLOGGING 101: Who What When Where How Why

A few days ago I was asked by a handful of people on how to blog. Flattering as it might be, I don’t really see myself fit to give advice in these situations since you have goddesses who have monster followers (more like worshipers) and have 9586729104289059875 likes on their posts while I have 12. Sure, I’ve been doing this for awhile now but I still don’t think I should be called a blogger, I’m more of a self-proclaimed-writer/blogger. But while we’re here, here are my WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW, WHY of blogging


Typograpghy? Weddings? Food? Fashion? Travel? Easter Eggs? Flags? Soy Sauce? What? Think of one thing you’re good at and blog about that. I’m good at being me so that’s what I’m doing, lol. This is the most basic thing you need to think and worry about. You need to blog about something you’re passionate about, something you can blog about for 89 years and beyond


Who is your audience? Is it that ex you really want to talk to but can’t so you post the poems you wrote for him on the blog (I wonder who that can be)? Is it fellow wanderists? Fellow foodies? Fellow hand-typists? Aspiring travellers/hand-typists? This will help you on improving your blog’s content, writing and even visual appeal. If you’re talking to locals then you might want to use some local language but consider (translating in parenthesis so you can widen it to a foreign market)


I’d hate to break it to you but there are also 9586729104289059875 blogs in the world and if you want to be heard, you’re going to need to make yourself different. I always think that how one blogs is really what makes a blog different. Everyone can review the same restaurant and everyone can do the same fancy type-hand-lettering but how are you going to be different from everyone else? Are you going to write essays about the most glorious pasta you’ve tasted or are you just going to keep it as simple as “I give this pasta 5 stars for plating but 3 stars for taste”? The way you tell your blog’s story is your signature. How you blog is pretty much how you connect with who you’re blogging for. Do you prefer a more serious tone or a more quirky tone or would you rather upload a photo and just add a one word caption to display your “I’m totally a minimalist artist” identity?


Set a schedule to your posts and commit to that schedule. Trust me, the biggest battle in blogging (and in life in general) is not competition, it’s commitment. This is like your “date night” with your blog, it’s a mortal sin not to follow this. I know a handful of people who have started a blog but did not maintain it. A blog is a big responsibility, you have to think of content, you have to take photos, you have to write about things you take photos of, etc. This explains to you how important the “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BLOG ABOUT” so important because it’s so easy to sweep “blogging responsibilities” under the rug if you don’t love sharing your passion to others. You have to consider longevity and (really) how much you love what you do


Pick your medium. Are you more of a micro-blogger (people who blog from the 3 main social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)? Or do you want to be more legit and have it on WordPress/Blogspot? Micro-blogging and blogging-blogging both have pros and cons but work best when used in symphony. Some people do fine with micro-blogging, it is easier and that’s where the people are but it’s always more legit when you have your own domain. You might also want to try a different blog like Youtube where you can Vlog


Is it to help you move on from hat ex? Is it to support tourism in your country? Is it to share travel tips? Is it to show people your love for underground communities? Is it to brighten someone’s day? WHY? Why are you doing this? If you’re answer is a) become famous, b)get more likes, c) look cool or d) all of the above, I can tell you now that blogging is not for you. You need to have a deeper purpose on why you’re doing all of this. Utmost be something related to your sense of purpose, something that you think will help you and others in loving life. Consider the likes and the fame as a consolation and not as a goal

Much blog,

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