3 Words you simply have to remember

I was rewatching a Shonda Rhimes episode of Scandal the other day, the one where Liv says to Jake, “I choose myself.” I was thinking on how much these words meant to me. It was three little words that spoke volumes to me so I thought of making my own 3 word phrases that I strongly live by.

  1. Choose yourself, always.
  2. Believe in something
  3. Work for it
  4. Make a list
  5. Organize your thoughts
  6. He’ll choose you
  7. Fall in love.
  8. Love: Deeply, Madly.
  9. Learn to learn
  10. Humility is strenght
  11. Good music helps
  12. Have your heartbroken
  13. Don’t fear pain
  14. Break the stereotype
  15. Whenever possible: travel
  16. Don’t look back
  17. Move with direction
  18. Live your life
  19. Always consider others
  20. Chicken, fries, coke
  21. You are pretty
  22. Hug your parents
  23. Laugh more everyday
  24. Money comes after
  25. Results over effort
  26. Sleep when dead
  27. Don’t be jealous
  28. Don’t be late
  29. Small steps help
  30. Whenever possible: rest
  31. Consider healthy living
  33. Time runs out

34. Much Love from


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