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Thoughts for your Tea: Wanderlust or Wander-infatuation?

The word has been thrown around Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, etc…-just as much as people just say love and not know what it means.
I was told before that love is the most used, misused, and abused word in the English dictionary and while that stands true, that word has new competition: wanderlust.
Anyone nowadays can travel, with the numerous budget airlines and travel packages available online. You can even plan your own itinerary with the help of the Internet, no travel agent or added middle men. It was just you, your computer, and a virtual map for your journeys. However, with people going here and there from one airport to another with their captions ranging from #Travel #Wanderlust to #TouchDown, it begs me to ask, did we really know what we were saying?
Sure, by definition, to travel is to journey or to get from here to there but did it mean traveling was the same as to wander?
Personally, it is such an understatement to say that to travel is to wander.  A busy businessman can travel all the time from JFK to London and not wander at all
You see, to wander meant so much more than just to travel. It meant to fall in love with a place and not just merely sightsee around so you can share it online. Wandering entailed looking at the world with blank-canvas eyes, allowing what you saw and felt fill you up with vibrance and life. It was letting the world, cultures, places, and people fascinate you-and if you’re lucky, change you
Wandering was the willingness to get lost in a culture and not just in the well-made travel brochure you get in the airport. This was merely just looking around and taking photos so you can change your profile picture. This was more than a hashtag, it was a form of learning that required getting lost and absorbing the world in. Wandering, in a way, is learning life and another culture
But remember, you can also wander without getting on a plane or a boat. To wander, you only needed one thing (or two): your feet. And an empty heart, wanting to be filled by adventure-okay, three. You can go to your neighbourhood communities and wander, remember to travel doesn’t mean to wander and to wander doesn’t require to travel
Wandering, for some reason, has been so glamourized by millennials (guilty as charged). It is (sometimes) not so glamourous at all. Perhaps it is brought about by the filters or the captions we use but it is, sometimes, painful to wander. It is not all fun and games. Wandering required peace or the lack thereof-for some. Some of us wander to learn, some wander to explore, some wander to forget, some wander to replace old memories with new ones. Wandering was getting in touch with your inner-self through your outer surroundings
Take these thoughts to heart the next time you travel. It’s not all just #travel #wander #wanderlust #lookathowcoolmylifeis. No. Travel deeper, travel fuller, travel better. Learn something new, discover, and explore. It’s not how many places you’ve been to, it’s about how you’ve been to them. It’s the memories you make with them the type of qualities you have to treasure when you get home and not the pictures you can post
Remember: Anyone can travel but only a few truly wander.
Much wander,

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