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Hey Sugar!: A Sweet Waxing Salon

Salons of all sorts and kinds are sprouting out like mushrooms nowadays and this only tells us one thing: the pursuit for making oneself pretty (and clean) is so on! As girls, we all know that there is more than meets the eye when we formulate our looks. We have shopping sprees, organize our OOTD schedules, have our nails done, and even have trips to waxing salons (your choice of cold wax or hot wax or sugaring) just to make everything look perfect. Humans, please appreciate the female effort to be pretty.


Hey Sugar! in UP Town Center is one of those stores that you’d mistake for a cupcake shop with it’s simply darling interiors. If Wes Anderson were to create interiors for a salon, this would be it.


Friendly and floral, the perfect description for Hey Sugar’s overall aura. It looks like the place you would invite your friends over for an afternoon tea party! Hey Sugar! is like stepping into your dream room-well, my dream interior peg at least! Brought to you by the same people who made Vivere Salon and Nailaholics Nail Salon (no wonder they have amazing branding), you can be assured that these people know what they’re doing.



They have a wide variety of services: waxing from any part you can think of, down to eyebrow threading, and packages for those days that you just want to pamper yourself-with rooms like these, it’s really hard to say no to staying longer.


If you’re more of a Hot Sugar Wax type of girl or a Cold Sugar Wax type, they got you covered! Unlike other salons who hail one type of wax over the other, Hey Sugar! offers both in their store-making sure that the way you get waxed is you choice!–praise be the person who thought of this.


They also offer threading and eyelash extensions! With a 30% off in their UP Town Center branch until June 30, 2015, what else is stopping you from dropping by?! I went to get my eyebrows threaded (no pictures because that feels too personal, lol) but it was great! I barely felt the sting and ended up with great eyebrows! Never underestimate your eyebrows, they contour your face more than you know!


They’re pretty active on their Facebook account and I would recommend you follow them for more updates!


Much sugar,


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