100th Post.

This is my 100th blog post. A hundred-can you imagine that?! A hundred posts of my ramblings on life. Thank you for baring with it. I knew very well that this post was supposed to be special and I couldn’t imagine a better way to do so than to talk about passion and grit.
After my graduation last Saturday and starting work in a magazine two weeks ago. It has never been more clear to me that passion is crucial in living a happy life, it’s crucial in pursuing happiness. Passion is what you know-in your gut-you were meant to do.
It was not just about being enthusiastic about something nor being inclined to something, being passionate was being infinitely fascinated by doing the same thing everyday.
It was being infinitely in love with doing something that fills you. Passion is knowing and doing your purpose.
Passion meant having purpose so look for it. This comes before your social life or your career so look for it. This goes beyond grades or your degree, passion was about you and your calling-what you wanted to do for the rest of your life.
Why does this matter? Why does having passionate people matter to the universe?
Passionate people are the people who can change the world.
But passion alone, will not change the world. Passion alone will only get you far, it’s grit that keeps you going.
You see, being passionate was something to be done. It required doing and that’s where grit comes along. The pursuit to face everything fearlessly-especially without the fear of failure- was the very definition of grit.
You see, while
passionate people can change the world ,
 the people with grit are the ones who will change the world.
Passion was what separated us from being 9-6 office zombies to 9-6 dream catchers.
But grit was what made those dreams come true.
Grit was withstanding anything that came in your way: a lost competition, a failed exam, an unsatisfied boss, a busy schedule, a declined proposal, etc. Grit was the think that will keep you doing you passion no matter what.
Grit was courage and bravery to face the uphill battle to pursue your passion. “Grit was running a marathon and not a sprint” according to Angela Lee Duckworth-the person who introduced to me this concept of grit… and my Human Insight teacher, Manny Gonzales who introduced this video to me in class one day.
This was more important than grades or degrees, this keeps anyone – with or without a degree(or a sparky one at that) creating, doing, moving, daring, and going beyond.
Grit was a perfect compliment to passion. Grit was having the drive to do your passion.
Passion keeps you going and grit keeps you doing.
One is incomplete without the other. You can have grit and no passion and feel empty. OR You can have passion and no grit and not attain anything.
Perhaps going into Christ’s Passion might be going a bit too religious (should you not be Catholic) but look at where that Passion is now.
There is a difference between being passionate and having grit but having both was what counted.
Much love, much passion & much grit,

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