Thoughts for your Tea: #Blessed…?

Wether you believe that you blessings come from Above or by your own luck, I think we all have given thanks to being given blessings. And while we all have probably used the #Blessed more than often to show our thanks for having a good life, I started to ask myself something about the idea of blessings. I’m graduating from college, I’m young, I’m alive, and I have to pick a job soon. I am more than thankful that I have my dream offers here and there but that was when it hit me: Was there such a thing as being too blessed and if there was, was it a bad thing? Was being too blessed a bad thing?
Obviously, instinctively, they’re not a bad thing and there is no reason for you to complain… but they don’t really make things easier for anyone. Picking one blessing over the other is well, not really a blessing in itself.
Choose the lesser evil-we would say in UA&P-so in this cases when you have to choose blessings, do you choose the more blessed blessing? Was there something wrong with choosing which one? Was turning down the other blessing a bad thing? And most of all, is there a blessing that will end up as a mistake? Does that make it a blessing in the first place?
I haven’t figured out what to make out of all of these things yet but one thing is for sure, you can never complain about being blessed. If you’re reading this now, you probably have internet access and you have a gadget to read my thoughts in, this means you’re not jobless/homeless. And that I think is a blessing.

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