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College to Career

As profile pictures change from some posey ootd on the beach to a proud graduating student in a toga, we know for sure that graduation season is right around the corner.
But while graduation might be a big thing, we all must admit that what comes after is far more interesting.
It’s that time when you make the giant leap from the what seemed to be the best four years of your life to the next four years which will dictate your professional trajectory. That time when you decide to either be a bum or be an eager-beaver job seeker.
This was it, after years of being in school, you were going to do the thing you’ve always wanted. That is, if you do get the job.
This is the time when we get our resumes printed out and wear our best blazers on to meet people who we hope will be our bosses. As being in that process now, I still find it surreal. I have always seen myself in publications, media, digital, or any form of job that involves communicating through words. I have been to three interviews and all of them went swimmingly well. (Trust me mom&dad, there are more jobs for writers now than in your time.)
Being offered somethings here and there, I knew that choosing the right job was going to dictate my career… or was it? I mean surely, I have more than enough time to make something out of myself, right? And my job won’t dictate everything… right?
But now a question starts to loom in my head, beside the uneasy feeling of uncertainty and confusion. Were we looking for a job or were we building a career?
I knew that this was it. This was the time I was going to decide if I was going to run and make a career or walk and do the 9-5 zombie shift. It was one or the other. I think this was what was eating me up for the past few weeks: fear. I was scared to make the wrong decision, I am scared to make the wrong decision. I was scared that I will spend the rest of my life unhappy with what I was doing and I think we all are. All of us changing our profile pictures to that proud-“I’m off to the world with my degree!”-face are actually really scared on the inside. Did we really know what we were doing? Were we going to be Merlee Jamie or Jamie who sits in that cubicle form 9-5?
The question stands: Are we looking for a job or are we staring a career?

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