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Hot Tea: Department of Coffee

Here’s a tip to all foodies dropping by Singapore: check out Burpple. This is how I get around all my food trips when I visit this wonderful land. Everything from cafes to restaurants, Burpple has got Singapore’s best covered.

Singapore is sprinkled with a number of coffeeshops, really good ones at that fact. Department of Coffee was one of those coffeeshops that I was able to sit-down in during my visit last year.
It’s around two blocks away from the Temple in Chinatown and quite close to the Maxwell Hawker Centre. Here’s the very discrete cafe from the outside! Yup, it’s one of those easter egg cafes that have a hidden treasure/treat inside!
In it’s quaint space lies a lovable cafe, you’ll often see the Singapore locals here for their Waffle-Fix.

I visited Department of Coffee, not only because it was  praised for their waffles (which I did not get because I was poor) but because how can you say no to interiors like this:


Think warm lights with the delightful pull and push of wood and metal and a hint of crazy, beautiful line drawings! Yup, my type of place. While I skipped out on the waffles, I did not skip out on three treats. I thought of trying out all that I can than just one thing. Btw, the waffles are good for two (I saw this from the couple who shared one big serving of waffles beside me).

I had a lemon iced tea. very refreshing since you will need to walk to get here. You can also tell it was fresh since it had that hanging-tangy-lemon taste.


A crazy yummy apple crumble with artisinal vanilla ice cream. 

(Also known as the star of this whole Hot Tea post.)

Trust me, this is a must try! The ice cream melts with the apple crumble. The contrast of the tangy (but sweet) apple crumble is slowly filled in by the ice cream as you chew it in your mouth. There was a merge in the rough texture of the crumble and the sticky and fluid texture of the ice cream. Imagine a city made with apple chunks. It’s streets, all those nooks and crannies, slowly being filled in with milk. That is the perfect description of their apple crumble. Imagine the beauty of that in your mouth. You can’t. Because you need to try it.


I also tried the flourless chocolate cake. Don’t judge it’s thin facade. It was rich, very rich… to the point that it felt dry. Unless that’s how flourless cake is supposed to taste like. It sort of makes me wish they served it with ice cream too… or milk.



I love this cafe! I love cafes that have an edge-y feel to them. DoC was not an exception. It’s one of those very appealing, indie-Millennial vibe cafes. Here’s their awesome card!


Maybe I should return to try out the Waffles… Hmmm.

Much love,


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