The Words Behind 26 Letters

I have been asked by a number of people on what exactly “26 Letters” mean. Is 26 a magic/lucky number for me? Is 26 this secret code? Is it an apocalyptic message from the heavens? No. Nope, and obviously not.
Seeing that this is my 2nd anniversary blogging, I deem it appropriate to explain and celebrate (even just a little bit!) the blog! 😀
I have spent number of days thinking what to rename the blog as and realised that it was staring me at the face: The alphabet. The alphabet which consists of 26 letters.
Now it makes sense, huh?
I’ve read somewhere that every book you’ve ever read is just a different combination of 26 letters.
Powerful shizz, right? (god bless the soul of the genius who thought of this)
Imagine that, from Michael Porter to Harry Potter, it’s all the same 26 letters in a permutation of combinations and interpretations. While one speaks of highfaluting-business stuff, the other speaks of highflying on a broom stick and spells. Amazing.
I guess that sums up my entire relationship with words. Those 26 letters is the material equivalence as having red, yellow, and blue for a painter. Those three colours are the main reason why you have a Mona Lisa to Andy Warhol’s pop-paintings. It’s the same way Bach had 5 notes to mix and match to create the Ave Maria and how Kodaline managed to create Talk with with the same basic notes.
It’s what you do with those letters, colours, and notes that make the difference. It’s how you differentiate 50 Shades of Grey to Dante’s Inferno. See the jump there?
This probably goes as well to how we order our coffee from menus to following (or the lack there of) street signs. “Ped Xing” and “No U-Turn”= things that make you react while they are just a couple of words put together and yet elicit a warning or a corresponding reaction from you. I can say coffee and you can imagine a cup brown water but if I say Freshly Brewed Coffee, you can imagine something more scrumptious than brown water in a cup.
Words are everywhere and should you chose to avoid them, they are the mode of which your brain thinks. It’s the mode of which you connect with yourself. Well, at the very least, it’s how I talk to myself.
You read words, you say them, you type them, you experience them, and at best, they’ll understand and inspire you. This is where I connect the jump to the power of good copy in advertising, or marketing , or so on but no. I will not make that bridge for I (hope) already have by already saying that there is a connection.
You see, those 26 letters are the same letters we use to make a 10-page paper for a class we bare with to a one-note love letter for that special someone.
Those 26 letters that managed to write Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address to Obama’s “Yes, We Can” Campaign, to Jollibee’s/Miñyong Ordonez’ “Langhap Sarap” to Pope Francis’ “Who are we to judge?” quotes. And dare I add Carrie Bradshaw’s quotes?
These characters all moved people not by force but by magnanimity of the same letters, put together differently.
 There it is, 26 letters simply put: The magnanimity of the same words put together differently.
Much love,

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