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Wandering what to do and not to do in Wanderland?

It’s that time of the year again where we get our sunblock and swimsuits to hit the beach or we get our blazers and heels out for that internship we’ve been vying for because school’s out: in short, it’s summer. No matter what you’re doing this season of fun under the sun, you should definitely try out camping… In Circuit Makati on April 25, 2015 for Wanderland2015!!!
Being a big fan of the festival so I listed out the things you should and shouldn’t for the festival for first-timers and third-timers (based on research and experience)!
Do: Try to listen to all of the artists taking on the Wanderland stage prior to the concert. You would want to sing along or at the very least, know the songs if you plan to go. My secret? Once the official band-list is out, I immediately head to Youtube and listen to their songs: One band per night. Try to get to know more about their music, you’re most likely to like them if you’re an indie type (More of this below).
Don’t: Force yourself to like indie just “because”. Indie is not that hard to love but each indie band has their own DNA and I will admit it myself, I don’t know all of them and not all them are for my palette. What I do is I listen to one band per night, building up to the festival so at the very least, I can sing along in the grounds. I say this “one band a night rule” with a precaution. Everyone has their own preference and it is completely fine to not like a certain band. There is a long list of bands you can check out and with this year’s setlist, you are bound to find the perfect one for you! But my point is simply to give the bands a chance, they might have some unknown song you might like. Even if they might not play it in the grounds (but maybe you can Tweet the and and the Wonderland team and beg for that song to be played!) finding a good song is still a good bargain for your time.
Do: Bring friends and make friends! Bring your high school friends, siblings, parents, your dog (okay, maybe not your dog), bring anyone and everyone who appreciates indie music! The more the merrier! Remember,  Wanderland is a Community of weird people who like weird & awesome things. #WanderlandCommunity!
Don’t: Drink in the middle of the afternoon, please. Just. Don’t. I don’t drink but I do know that alcohol warms you up and even if alcohol sponsors will be there to give you unlimited drinks, DRINK WISELY. You will be under the heat of the Manila sun for 4-6 hours! Best to get a bottle of water or some fruit shakes instead! Do your body a favour, nothing is hotter than Manila in the Summer. Also, why get wasted when you can enjoy some good music?
Do: Sunscreen. Deodorant. Cool Mist Spray. It’s an outdoor festival, need I say more?
Don’t: Be concerned with how tan you’re getting! Remember, you can tell if someone had a good summer based on their tan! 😉
Do: Wear something Vanessa Hudgens would wear and take pictures!!!
Don’t: Wear anything expensive. From clothes to jewellery, simply don’t. I know that the festival seems like a good place to get all dressed up in your best flower crown but please do so with caution. Always expect the worst to happen: like getting some fruit shake spill, sweating, and getting your accessories tangled up. Wear something cool (figurative and literally) and comfy!
Do: Bring money, a lot of it. There are a lot of stores in the grounds, from food to washi tape! Prices for some drinks (like water) raised up as the festival was nearing the night, so be prepared for that. Also, last year, they opened up some meet and greets when you buy the album and a Wandershirt on-site! So be prepared!!!
Don’t: Assume that everyone is a good guy (this goes the same in life) and be fully aware of your belongings.
Do: Go around the grounds! It’s what makes Wanderland more special than the other concerts! Check out the different activity booths!
Don’t: Forget the umbrella and the mat. These two are crucial for the festival. Since Wanderland is more of a chill-sit-on the-grass type of festival. You don’t need to be standing up all the time thus the need for the mat. I’m not quite sure if you can bring a tent though, I mean the theme this year is camping so I guess we’ll have to wait up on that.
Don’t: Spend too much time in the moshpit and save yourself the suffocation. Go there when your favorite band is up or try it at least once! It’s a pretty solid experience to see them up close! I got to watch the whole night part of the show literally in the front row and it’s really, really, really fun.
Do: Get the earlybird tickets! It’s cheaper by a couple of hundreds… But it’s no longer available. #SummertimeSadness (I guess you can do this next year!)
Don’t: Care what other people think and just sing along if you want! It’s a festival, have fun!
Do: A final check of your essentials before you leave your house! 😉
Do: Check out the updates on their Facebook page! They post their own tips and updates there! So so check it out here! 😉
See you in the grounds!
Much love,

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