Perspective No. 1

With the second week of Senior taking me over, a scoop of pitches with a drizzle of readings were now on my plate. I am not at the brink of the second week of my co/extra-corriculars. And while I have been struggling to balance a number of things with the lack of sleep and the excess of coffee, I have realized one thing: Just be Thankful.

Just Be
Why? Because Someone is giving you opportunities-yes, I meant that both theologically and contrarily. Someone out there trusts you enough that you can do all of these things on your lap and I think that is simply wonderful.

Don’t complain, don’t weep about it- I am no saint when it comes to this but I don’t think anyone is.

We always look at it from the wrong side of the glass, we always thing that we’re handling too much when we aren’t. We’re handling the right amount but the wrong way. Be thankful for all of those deadlines, all of those activities, all of those favors, all of those projects and so on. Just be thankful because that means your luggage is getting heavier and as based on experience, the heavier the luggage the more chocolates and goodies there are in the bag. The more you have now, the more you have to offer and the more experiences you have.

As a teacher of mine in UA&P once said: if you’re done having a hard time, that’s when you know you’re done with the easy stuff. Case and point: You’re excelling, improving- you’re doing more.And those are things that I think deserve an applause-or a drink… But I don’t drink so maybe a Caramel Banoffee Pie will do. Again, another thing to be thankful for: Pie. Okay, I might be off-strat now but I bet you get the point.

Just be thankful, always.

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