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Dreaming No. 1

Among the numerous things I have learned this semester, this is one thing I believe I will carry on.

dream do

To dream, is to do and dreaming with out doing is a waste of having a dream.

I am not -obviously- a saint of following this. Truth be told, I learned this the hard way; namely, reverse psychology… Well, something like it. For the past few weeks I have been a mediocre writer, blogger and student. Perhaps because the physical abuse of senior year has taken its toll on me, making me crave sleep more than writing. Perfectly normal, perfectly human; nothing wrong with that. But I guess what went wrong is that I let it eat me up. I made excuses -a lot of them- and compensated myself with “But you haven’t slept in days” or “Well, you did it… It’s not perfect but at least there’s something.”

Dreaming is all good and well for anyone, heck, everyone! Dreaming is one of the things I believe the most in life. It makes you aspire, transcend, be useful to human race,  and to realize purposeful happiness.

But dreaming, if left as it is, is for the lazy. It’s like stargazing, you stare at the beauty of it and just admire it from there. Why not go be an astronaut and see it up close or be a star yourself?! You have to do something more than just stare at the stars. You have to do what you dream because what you do already is making your dream into a reality. Doing anything that builds up to that goal of yours is already living the dream.

Dreaming without doing is pointless. And when I mean doing, I mean doing well. You have to do it well because there’s no other way of doing it. You have to do it well because someone else would one day and you’re not ready or you’re not good enough anymore.

Dream and do well,


P.S. Thank you IMC Business Process for teaching me this.

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