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This is THE Dream Art School, trust me.

I have been walking around the Bugis area of Singapore for the longest time. Tired feet, Singapore heat and a pretty confused and dazed girl looking for a specific cafe. Two blocks down the road, made me convinced that I will never see the cafe I was looking for.


On the third block, I shared a giggle on seeing this school familiarly labeled as one of the schools I knew from back home. I walked on thinking that I should just go home after walking that block and sure enough. I didn’t.


I always believe that there has to be a reason for everything, traffic, passing papers late, being friends with this person or even why I got lost looking for that cafe. And this was it. I stopped walking, dropped my jaws and said nothing but “HOLY WOW.”


It was the grandeur, the extremity of it, the zen-ness, the sleekness, the cleanness, the dear, dear, dear perfection; it made me shiver. I have always believed that I was an architect in my past life – should I have had one, no one really knows – which is why I have grown so fond of architectural designs, styles and so on in my past travels; but never in my life have I experienced that type of goosebumps I felt the moment I saw this campus.


It felt right, it felt so familiar, it felt like home. It was a hub where you knew ideas were generated from. It was where artists strived. It was where collaboration was just as crucial as honing your skill It was creativity, it was wild, it was young, it was art. I have always wanted to study more after graduating from IMC (should it happen) and this was the sign, but also, as our UA&P’s Vision-Mission states, “learning is a life long process”.

I guess I’m in that point of life where I know I need more since I am dreaming more, so I need to do more to make those dreams come true (wow, that was cheesy but yes, let’s keep it that way). Stepping into this campus was an experience, it told me something I needed a sign should I really pursue it: a freelance art career with a bit of corpo (it means corporate) in there.


As I write this down, the other tab on my browser is on the Lasalle College of the Arts website, looking for short courses-since I know I would need a huge amount of money to go there for a long course. But I guess there’s one more thing to add to my list or rather truly pursue in my list: Go to art school. I mean sure, I no Botticelli but they have other courses I can go for.

Oh, before I forget to mention, they have a cafe in campus. Which I will drop by in again tomorrow.


This place is perfect for any artist but I guess that’s not my point here is it? I can go on and on rambling about the grandeur and the amazingness of this school but it does it pretty well without my words. But my point in this post can be summed up here:

  1. Everything really does happen for a reason, like getting lost.
  2. Sometimes accidents like getting lost gives you the direction you needed all along.
  3. Go back to school, no one is ever too old or too “graduated” to go back.
  4. Figure out what you want, ask for signs and think about it too
  5. Once you do figure out what you want, work hard for it (A.K.A the money I will probably need if I enter this school)
  6. “Your gut feeling is there for a reason”-A wise literature professor of mine.

I’ll tell you what happens in Lowercase tomorrow, I shall see if the food is just as good as their experience. For now, we all need to sleep.

Goodnight, Singapore.



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