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CO/OP Manila: The Ultimate Hipster Hub

I always say that a Friday spent with parents spontaneously dining in a new restaurant beats any Friday night with friends in some random bar (which I never go to); last friday was no exception. We’ve been passing by this really interesting place for 2 months now, somewhere along PUP in San Juan; it’s called CO/OP Manila. You can tell by the brand that it must be some hipster hub and yes, yes it is.


CO/OP Manila is this very Brooklyn cross New York type of flat interiors but as big as a house and shaped like one too! Half of the store is for the restaurant x cafe and the other for hip little gift trinklets, bags and even some home display items. I would want to babble on how amazing the place looks like but trust me, you need to see it for yourself!

IMG_6261    IMG_6245

A lot of items seem to be internationally made (and are a bit pricey, you can go to Typo and get the same-looking items cheaper by twofolds), things that you would kill to have in your own home or flat. They also sell iPad cases, wall clocks, books, and so on; everything dipped in indie-artisan perfection, just the way I like it.

IMG_6252     IMG_6268

The restaurant part can fit about 25-30 comfortably with the other half being the store. This reminds me of Epicurious in Shang’s East Wing; both stores are delightfully bipolar. CO/OP though, is your ultimate Pinterest-Tumblr inspired restaurant so needless to say, I am now a loyalist of this place.


IMG_6253     IMG_6236


I wasn’t able to try out much on the menu but rest assured that I will be back for more! I had the carbonara split into two to share with my mom, since again, we didn’t really plan on dropping by. It was good, different and you can feel the taste of truffle oil but it was a tiny bit dry-when I mean dry, I mean, I want more of that yum-yum sauce! I also love the prosciutto to finish. Iced tea was nothing super special, well, aside from the fact that it was from a mason jar. They also serve coffee and your usual cafe pastries. If you plan to visit, bring at least 500Php per head for a happy tummy and  a smile. Food seems worth it though, I need to try them all though so I can concretely speak of it.

 IMG_6256  IMG_6257

In a world filled with hole-in-the-wall restaurants and cafes, CO/OP Manila has definitely brought their A game into the table. It was a wonderful experience to dine in this place, atmosphere is great and food was not made to disappoint. If you happen to be looking for a place where you, some friends or some family could just sit down and eat in, this is a great place to go to! OR, should you find yourself wanting to let your inner hipster out, there is no other place you should be but here.


Kissies from the Hipster Hub,


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