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Kapitolyo Diaries: Milky and Sunny’s

It is not my first time to go to Milky and Sunny’s but this is the first of many visits due to my undying love for their brand. I love breakfast and this place has the cutest breakfast theme ever!


My friends and I went in around 9:30 (they open 7:00am, duh, they’re a breakfast place) and if you think waiting to be seated is only for bars and fancy dinner restos? Think again! While we were eating, people were actually waiting to be seated! I think it’s due to the fact that they’re the only ones open during that time.


IMG_5961    IMG_5968

I went for the Tapa (P180ish)since all of my friends were getting pancakes. (Way to go for a Filipino breakfast for me!) I highly suggest it! It was an interesting take on the tapa; they have a remarkably Milky and Sunny’s taste that I’ve never tasted in other tapas. Alongside the tapa, I had a blueberry milkshake (P140); nothing special about it though, except for the fact that it is blueberry.

Kids playing with their food


IMG_5965       IMG_5963


There is decency in prices; very Kapitolyo-Competitive, a decent meal will probably cost you around P350. That would include some pancakes and a drink. Again, not bad for your typical Kapitolyo-rate.


A very quint place along the street of where both Ramen Cool and Epic Coffee is located, Milky and Sunny’s can be found with a cutesy blue and script font. No doubt that these three are in my personal favourite list. M&S’s can  roughly sit 20paxx can sit comfortably, 25-30 would be standing and stuffy.

IMG_5978      IMG_5974


It is a wonderfully homey environment with a very Tumblr-friendly // Pinterest-inspired interior.



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