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Magnum Cafe Manila: A Review

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Magnum has always been praised as a brand of luxury and pleasure and I am personally guilty of saying that it is worth the hype. A lot of people say that it seems overrated and I agree but can’t seem to bring myself to hate the brand and the product despite how mainstream it is.

I’ve never been to SM Aura and when a couple of friends decided to #yolo our lives away last Tuesday, I finally found my way into the infamous ice cream cafe. I’ve been pressuring myself to go here for the past months since I know that Magnum Cafes follow a strict rule of only being open for 500 days from its opening date (which was April 8, more or less).

They have a set menu for you to choose from before you enter the cafe but I look at it this way: Go for the DIY Magnum for P100 (which is only for to-go) or go for the fancy-shamcy stuff for around P250-up if you want to sit down in the cafe.

Being part of the Me-Generation and the ABCSDR (Association of Broke College Students Due to Readings), I obviously went for the DIY Magnum.


Here’s how it goes:

Step 1: Pick 3 toppings of your choice from popcorn to chili flakes, they have roughly 20-30 variants to choose from. I say, pick toppings that would balance out the sweetness of the chocolate like pretzels or dried strawberries.

Step 1: Pick 3 toppings

Step 2: What’s your Flavor? Go pick you Magnum Ice cream base, chocolate or vanilla.

Step 3: Go for a Dip in Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or Gold Chocolate (basically white chocolate).

Step 2: Take a Plunge
Step 3: Go for a Dip

Step 4: Make it rain toppings! Your 3 toppings will be mixed in a silver cup and poured over the ice cream after being dipped in perfection

Step 5: A little Drizzle of your choice of chocolate. I went for the white one for some artistic take.

Step 5: A little Drizzle


Step 6: M.

Step 6: M.

That Iconic M will be placed before the serve it to you and yes, I was already drooling at this point knowing the next step.

Step 7: Take a picture for your Instagram. Kidding. Enjoy! Or take a picture for your Instagram!

Step 7: Enjoy or Instagram.

Behold! My Vanilla Base, Chocolate Dipped, Pistacho-Dried Strawberries-Caramel Chocopops topped, Gold Drizzled Magnum bar or for short: Pat’s MagnumVersion 1.0! And below is a picture of the remains!



Here’s how some of my friends’ Magnum bars went!


Since I’m running out of time let me wrap this up quickly.  Magnum, throughout the short making of my ice cream bar was very accommodating and friendly! Kudos to this team or as they call themselves, Pleasure Makers 😉 I loved the whole experience and I’d give it two thumbs up! Worth every penny and worth coming back for 😉 Try it before they leave Manila!



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