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WANDERLAND2014: This is what summer should look like.

I waited almost a year to attend this music festival after missing it’s pioneer show last year. So, you can probably tell that I was more than excited for this year’s festival. Often dubbed as the local Coachella (can be taken in a good or bad context but I personally look at it as something extremely good), Wanderland is a one-of-a-kind-event in the Philippines showcasing different indie acts from all around the world.

Techy Romantics : An OPM band worth listening to

Wanderland2014 had a carnival theme and boy did they take it to the next level, they had a carousel and a bunch of crazy carnies walking around Circuit Makati last May 17, 2014-also known as the best day of my summer 2014. I didn’t exactly come in during the start, mostly because I wasn’t a fan of the performing bands so I arrived around 2 in the afternoon to “avoid” the heat and well, needless to say… No, you cannot avoid the heat but regardless, it was extremely fun!

Wandering around the grounds and saw a giant headset!
Wandering around the grounds and saw a giant headset!

You basically set up where ever you want to sit, just put your piece of cloth anywhere on the grass, sit and enjoy the music with some good friends and some grub.

In all honesty, I HATE THE SUN and Wanderland is an outdoor, under-the-sun-festival. I burn easily, I don’t look good tanned (because of the whole Chinita face) and getting that tan off can take 3 months of whitening baths! But here’s the thing, am I really not going because of that? NO. Tea Cups, there comes a time when having fun means getting tanned.

Me, the umbrella, on the grass like a hippie getting tanned
Me, the umbrella, on the grass like a hippie getting tanned

There’s a ton of stalls for you to play/eat/do stuff in! I think the best part about this whole festival is that every corner is filled with some sort of magic and amusement and the bands serve as background music as you go around…that is if you don’t like them. If you do, run to the moshpit and scream your lungs out like me(more of this as you scroll down)!

Some Carneys and I!
The RiverIsland Carousel. (I was looking where the Ferris Wheel on the poster went though)

I highly suggest roaming the grounds earlier, less people=less lines. Although if you look closely at the picture below on the right, people are lining up for Jamba Juice. Behind me are the game stalls and some other cutesy stalls; there was even a DIY stall selling washi tape! (obviously, yes, bring cash, a lot of it. You will need to buy once in the grounds may it be out of necessity or your obsession for washitape/other items )

LIVE CANDY SUGAR ART! (They did seem edible, much like sugar flowers you see on Goldilocks cakes)

Now, here; the thing, if you’re a marketing student, practitioner or something between those lines, you would just appreciate how much of a marketing stunt the whole thing is. But I wouldn’t blame you, you have a whole segmentation in one place, all at the same time, what do you do? You do brand integration, you introduce your product via free taste, you have fun games in your booth, you have your video played during stage intermissions etc, etc, etc. As a marketer, I applaud these brands, the effort they placed into this, it was pretty amazing brand integration… and also, thanks for the free stuff! During the entire event you’ll just see people walking up to you giving you ice cream, chips, light sticks and so on; so, if you’re lucky enough you don’t even need to buy food! 😉

Sponsor booths!
The Bar had a "beer pong" area, can only imagine the people in that booth, I mean, it's hot enough you know.
The Bar had a “beer pong” area, can only imagine the people in that booth, I mean, it’s hot enough you know.


Sonja’s was there! Can you believe it?!


One of the many food stalls there (Obviously…bring cash friends, unless you’re really charming, you’ll need to pay like everyone else.)

Of course, what music and art festival would’t be complete without body painting?! A totes must have for any outfit and to complete your festival experience!

For one token (worth P50) you get to be inked!... temporarily, of course.
For one token (worth P50) you get to be inked!… temporarily, of course.


You can pick which WanderMonster you want painted on you!
Selfie with kuya artist who painted the W on my arm!

If you’re lucky, you’ll also get to meet and greet your favorite bands! I got to meet THE ROYAL CONCEPT.

Yes friends, this deserves it's own post in it's own time ;)
Yes friends, this deserves it’s own post in it’s own time.

The best part about this whole thing is just the location, the activities and the music is so perfect that it just feels like it’s more than just a concert, it’s actually a destination or, in the words of Chris Martin and the rest of Coldplay: PARADISE. Oh wait, it’s called something better: Wanderland.

Wanderland 2014, 3PM-ish

It’s great to be in a place that celebrates art, music, life and summer; summer above all things. I am now convinced that every year in every summer of my life, I will and shall attend this crazy fun event. I guess I love it so much because it’s bringing you somewhere. It actually fulfills your wanderlust craving not by showing you a different culture as normal traveling would, but by giving you this amazing experience of being somewhere else through music and this level of theatricality that goes into the whole event.

Woody Pitney performing in Wanderland 2014

As the sun began to set, more and more people came in because of two things: 1. There’s no more sun and 2. The international acts were set latter in the festival.

Lucy Rose, crowd and the setting sun = perfection.

As I was saying earlier, if you like the band, GO TO THE MOSHPIT. You can get a totally close look at your favorite band if you squeeze in for their set, trust me, I did. Here’s a couple of the shots I got from the bands… but first, THE THING! (Try your best to touch THE THING, it’s fun!)


Okay, now the pictures I was talking about:

*Disclaimer: not in order of performance but still, they are pictures I never thought my awesome Olympus Tough Cam could take! That or maybe it was because was in front row!!! Yes, the fun, mad, crazy front row!

Last Dinosaurs: Oh Boy…Band.

I’m not exactly in love with this band but I don’t hate them either. I really like Zoom, Andy and Weekend, songs they are well-known for. I am yet to discover the wonders of their undiscovered and unrecognized songs.

Last Dinosaurs!
Last Dinosaurs performing Zoom!
Last Dinosaurs
Last Dinosaurs played Andy!


Architecture in Helsinki: Let’s talk about rainbows and get high.

I loved their very technopop approach to music, it was something fresh and quirky and as we all know, I love quirky! I’ve observed that their music would probably be some sort of a musical drug-not that I’ve ever done some. I just think that their music just screams musical madness that can only be described by a unicorn puking a rainbow that turns into diamonds, yep, that’s how crazy fun their songs sound like.

Architecture in Helsinki
Architecture in Helsinki playing songs like Escapee and In The Future
AIH: mkaing the crowd feel loopyyyy
AIH: making the crowd feel loopyyyy


They had the best set and gave the crowd the best energy! Wild, fun, young and dope, I love this band so much if you guys get to read this, Manila misses you already!

Words cannot describe how perfect their music is. It has soul, it has character, it has a story and it has a beat. If I was going to pick an album that can actually tell you about the detaisl of my life, it would be any-and possibly all-of The Royal Concept albums.

“We’re from Stockholm, Sweden and this is the furthest we’ve ever been from home”–David Larson.
“This is all to the WanderGirls… Girls… Girls..”-David Larson introducing the next thing they’re going to play (Girls Girls Girls)

THE DRUMS: Closing the Night.

I love this American band even if I thought that they were European at first, I mostly blame Johnny (the Lead singer) since he has a very British vibe. I’ve loved this band since I heard their song “What We Had”. Their songs give you this very beach vibe, an image of looking at summer with Instagram-filtered shades and I for one think that that is the best way to look at well… everything, not just summer.

The Drums!

At this point of the night my Camera has grown weak, weary and dead; thus, my pictures are now from my iPhone but still, not bad for camera photos.

Johnny of from The Drums
The Drums: You were my Best Fried but You died.
Johnny from The Drums.
Johnny from The Drums… Serenading me, lol, jk.
THE DRUMS: Singing us out of Wanderland with Down By The Water
THE DRUMS: Singing us out of Wanderland with Down By The Water

Most of the bands took from 30 minutes to an hour for set-up and some technical adjustments. Just a little heads up to the Wanderland team, if you guys can make this shorter and fill those minutes by playing some cool songs to kill the dead air, that would be perfect! Also, please have walkie-talkies for the tech team next year, it’s just really awkward to hear kuya tech guy using the mic to say “‘Pre, wala pa rin dito sa mic na ‘to (Hey, there’s still no sound on this mic)”. However, aside from that, good job! I would give 5 thumbs ups if I had 5 thumbs! I loved it, I loved the whole event so much! Keep it up and I look forward to seeing you guys next year 😉

And for you dear teacups, go! Go to next year’s Wanderland Camp next year(rumors are, camping is the theme next year)! There were a bunch of Australians, Singaporeans and other nationalities that actually flew in just for Wanderland so you, if you live in Manila, have no excuse at all not to be there 😉

Maybe I’ll even see you around the grounds! ‘Til next year, Wanderland… ‘Til next year,


You made me know what summer should feel like.

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