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A Must Visit in Melbourne

If you’re looking for a quick experience fix around the insides of Central Melbourne, head down to THE OLD GAOL. I know the city-circle train goes around this area, so take the train and walk a bit to get to the Old Gaol.

I think that people who thought of the Melbourne Gaol were geniuses. Mixing art, history and theatre all in one experience.


You get to go into this old gaol (not exactly a jail) and you’re considered by the “tour guide” (who is your holding officer) as a real-life law offender and treats you as such for the crime you commited; teaching you the rules, the way of life on the inside, and so on. I’ve always wanted to be arrested and placed in jail (overnight) to know what its like and here, I got it! 


They’ll literally lock you up in a cell, the way it used to be done: no lights, no flush for the toilet in the room (but if your cell was nice the officers would flush that thing 😉 )


Right: The cell I stayed in, along 15 other tourist-criminals. Trust me, they preserved everything, you could feel the eeriness in the room… I love it!


Above: The Wet Room or Room #7. Where drunkards around the city are sent to spend the night, no chairs, no nothing except a tiny hole in the middle to drain out all of last night’s liquid confidence. (Yes, there will be a lot of you in one cell, yes, evem cell #7. And yes, eww.)


I even experienced being INSIDE A PADDED CELL. Yep, that’s where I’m going to end up in soon. Lol. 




An amazing concept for a tourism product (actually, a product, period.) And oh, I took a selfie with my holding officer (who, I am surprised and shocked to say- was a real cop, not a method actor)!


YOU NEED TO VISIT THIS PLACE WHEN IN MELBOURNE, NOT KIDDING! Worth the penny 😉 But I think there’s a schedule for the tours, so if I were you go and look for the schedule and enjoy! 😉

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