Some TravelBug Insights

Some TravelBug Insights

I think every traveller has this bittersweet emotion in them every time they look through their pictures from their journeys and that is “I was there one time and now I’m not”.

This gives you that surreal, “Has it been that long since I’ve been there?”, “Was I actually ever there?” feeling. You just keep on questioning yourself with “How did it feel like when I was there?” and you try to put yourself back there and just think “Was that how it felt? Will I ever feel that emotion again?” and so on.

The worst thing I ask myself, “Why did you ever leave?” which is then answered by my favorite question, “So when are you coming back?”

Oh dear, I miss this city.

Actually, I miss all the cities I’ve been to. As if it were like leaving them was like breaking up with a lover, loosing a friend, accidentally deleting a file from your computer and yet you have this ray of hope knowing that you will be back there or if not, then It would hurt but it wouldn’t matter as well because you know that there’s still so much to see.

Picture above is a shot I took from NGV, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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