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A picture of true happiness

A picture of true happiness

For Buzzfeed frequents, striking images -may they be funny, shocking, etc- are a usual find in the website, However, this morning I came across one of the most striking pictures I’ve ever seen. Above is a man finding out he is to become a grandfather and his reaction (as the title of the Buzzfeed article says) is adorable and for me, priceless.

It is rare to come across a smile as genuine as the one above, one with shock, awe, happiness and love. Call me cheesy but smiles like this deserve to be framed in a gallery. It is a smile that tells a story, not just an emotion of happiness among other things.

I then asked myself, when was the last time I smiled like him. When? I can’t. Why? Because I couldn’t see myself happy (it is physically impossible). But my point here is this: other people can see you happy but you’re the only one who knows how your happiness feels like and if that happiness, if true and real, manifests itself on your face.

Another would be that happiness comes from moments, especially from those moments from your family. Not money, gets? Not. Money. Make more moments not more money; but I’m not saying money isn’t important in life, it is but making it the main source of your happiness isn’t the way to go.

Short post for today folks, bullet points all the way. relatively busy :/


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