Thoughts on an open mind

After having one of those horrible days [again], I find myself talking to several people [3 to be exact] to release my bad energy. And thank God for these three people who kept on reminding me that I was making a small ant as big as an elephant. These three people kept on reminding me that “It’s okay”, “That’s fine”, “Everything will be alright, Pat.”, “Stop worrying too much”, and so on. It wasn’t until the morning after did I remember that I needed an open mind; not to let all of those words in my mind but to let the horrible ones out.


We’ve always seen “having an open mind” as being able to be open to other ideas, being able to accept things contrary to what we believe in. But let me tell you this, having an open mind doesn’t just mean that you have a mind open to ideas but having a mind open as an exhaust for the bad ones. As Mike Zappa once said, “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.” I know he probably meant this in the context of letting yourself be educated, to learn more and more things, be open to ideas; but think about it, it works both ways. Every time your brain is wrapped in misery, it doesn’t work, it’s jammed to just think about that one thing and it’s designed in a spiral of doom that’s just stuck there.

So you see, keeping an open mind doesn’t just mean letting things in, it also means letting things out.


Spread the idea.




PS. Creds to Mogwai to the pic of the girl 😉 [Check it out on Youtube, good music].

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